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The Water Marq New Cairo


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The Water Marq is a Class-A project located in new Cairo, providing clients with the best luxurious services and units.

The Water Marq Project, a masterpiece by The Marq Developments, showcases distinctive designs inspired by international excellence. This luxurious heaven promises a serene lifestyle, a prime location, and outstanding amenities. The Marq Developments, renowned in the industry, is the owner and visionary behind this prestigious venture.

They have a reputation for excellence and crafted a residential gem that epitomizes sophistication and comfort. The Water Marq is furnished with many features and services to compete with the best projects in the whole country. Aspiring residents can seize this golden opportunity to indulge in a life of unmatched elegance and comfort at the Water Marq Project.

About the Watermarq project details in The New Capital

The Water Marq New Cairo

Located in the heart of the fifth settlement, the Watermarq compound is designed with utmost care and attention to detail. The Water Marq New Cairois developed on a space of about 20 acres to fit the outstanding style and a huge number of Villas which start from 300 square Meters. It showcases a distinctive and sophisticated architectural style that rivals the best internationally. The compound offers a very high-quality life with a unique European modern style. All the compound’s units are delivered with perfect finishing and luxurious details.

What is the water Marq compound Location and nearby landmarks?

The Water Marq project’s location is a masterpiece in itself, strategically situated in a desirable setting that perfectly balances convenience and tranquility. Nestled in a prime area, it offers easy access to essential and important destinations. The compound in the fifth settlement is a few minutes away from the 90th Street. From the compound location, you can reach Heliopolis and Nasr City. It is surrounded by essential projects such as The Spot and the Midtown project. The water Marq is too close to Point 90 Mall. Besides, it is a few minutes away from the New Capital city and The American University as well and near by east town compound .

Features making the Watermarq very special from other projects

Being developed on a huge space of 20 acres, the project strategy is to provide large green spaces and create an eco-friendly atmosphere. The Water Marq project provides clients with many services, such as the following:

  • The Water Marq has Lush green areas, gardens, and parks for the best view and relaxation.
  • Beautiful artificial Crystal lakes.
  • Particular dining area for high-standard restaurants and cafes.
  • A social club for entertainment and sports.
  • Cycling and jogging tracks.
  • Dedicated kids area, safe and fully equipped.
  • Spa, jacuzzi, and gym with the best modern equipment.
  • Swimming pools for kids and adults.
  • Clinics and medical services are shared all over the compound.
  • Malls, shops, and commercial areas with international brands.
  • Well-secured and safe garages.
  • Security and guards 24/7 all over the compound.
  • Security cameras for better safety.
  • Private party areas for more entertainment.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services for all areas.

Type of units in The water Marq and prices

The Water Marq

As a unique project with many features, the only available type of unit is the Standalone Villa with different spaces. The compound has 100 units with the best high-end details, services, and luxurious finishes. The Villas space starts from 300 Square meters, designed as 4 large bedrooms, with 3 bathrooms and other reception rooms. The design of each Villa changes according to the entire space, as it can be up to 960 square meters. Each Villa is developed with a private Swimming pool and also a private garden.
The Villas space range and prices:

  • 300 square meters cost 42.2 Million EGP.
  • 425 square meters cost 52.6 Million EGP.
  • 465 square meters cost 53.1 Million EGP.
  • 480 square meters cost 58.7 Million EGP.
  • 500 square meters cost 64.9 Million EGP.
  • 600 square meters cost 68.8 Million EGP.
  • 910 square meters cost 188 Million EGP.

What is the payment plan for the watermarq units?

By 2023 the Marq development will deliver the project’s first phase and is currently on the way to the second phase. The project developer provided multiple options for the client’s payment plan.

The first plan is for the client to pay 10% of the total price upon contracting and the rest of the amount to be divided over 6 years.

The second plan is to pay 20% of the total price upon contracting, and the rest of the amount to be divided over 7 or 8 years.

Also, the project owner announced a 40% discount for the client who pays in cash.

The Water Marq project developer and other projects

The owner and developer behind the Water Marq project is The Marq Developments, a reputable and important name in the real estate industry. With a rich history of delivering exceptional projects, they have earned a distinguished reputation for their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The Marq developments were surprisingly established in 2019, and even with this short duration, they managed to deliver exceptional results. The company is mainly focusing on providing High standards and Class A projects. The Marq has already delivered projects such as

  • The Mark Vill project in the Golden Square.
  • The first phase of the water Marq compound in the Fifth settlement.

The Water Marq compound stands as a masterpiece of luxury living, with its distinctive design, location, and features. Whoever is looking for the perfect home, from elegant residential units to state-of-the-art communal spaces, every element is thoughtfully crafted to provide an unparalleled living experience.

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