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sodic eastown in new Cairo is a prominent spot extending over 204 acres of green spaces and modern homes. eastown is a place where you can find outstanding architecture and European landscapes put together in enough wide spaces to feel their beauty. learn more about the sodic compound in the fifth settlement.

Sodic Eastown location in new Cairo

east town new cairo

the strategic location of eastown sodic is surely one of its perks. “away from the crowd but not very far” is the best description for its location in new Cairo. this sodic tagamo3 project is only 5 minutes away from Americana Plaza and AUC, 15 minutes away from Cairo and 25 minutes away from Cairo international airport. 

eastown is also close to governesses and many landmarks and Clubs in fifth settlement, as it is close to AL-Teseen streets, one of the most vital main streets in the area, making it easy to live there. sodic 5th settlement project is also close to azad new cairo, Nasr City and Masr Al-gadida.

Architecture and design: what is new in sodic eastown?

east town sodiac

as the number of compounds and real estate projects is growing so fast in Egypt, companies have to find ways to make their projects different and unique from others. so, what is new in sodic fifth Settlement designs?

by looking at sodic eastown photos, you can find the answer right away. the luxurious way of decorating the place with the large artificial lagoons in the center and the tall palms surrounding it absolutely speaks for itself. 

the majority of space devoted to build eastown consists of wide green space with large water bodies in the center. the buildings contain apartments and duplexes which were built in the latest architectural standards according to the European style, as the facade of each unit is made of reflective glass, to give a sense of elegance and modernity from the first look.

to find out more about eastown, you can look at the sodic eastown master plan in the scene or download the sodic eastown pdf brochure from here. you will also find in sodic eastown brochure some information about the districts and area planning in the place.

Amenities and services in the sodic eastown compound

with great reputation, comes great responsibility. As Sodic company is known for its efficiency and dedication in its work, services, and amenities in their compounds have to be the face of their reputation. and that is why the place’s service is so outstanding. you can find all that you would possibly need for food, utilities, work, medical needs, and of course entertainment.

the place has its own Club, Electric-Charging facility, Mall, Mosque, Offices, Parks, Supermarket, and Walking Promenades, all in addition to:

  • ATM and automated teller machines are distributed everywhere in the place.
  • Tracks for walking and biking away from the streets.
  • 24-hour surveillance system with security personnel and CCTV cameras, and for maximum security, the compound is fenced and protected from outside breaking-ins and attempts of theft.
  • Clubhouse gathering area where the activities and private events take place, besides having many restaurants, cafes and a variety of sports centers.
  • eastown compound has large tennis playgrounds to enjoy playing in an open space.

the place also has its own attractive sites like Eeastown Hub and Eastown Squares which are big parts of the residential spine in eastown compound. this residential spine is jammed with retail stores, shopping areas and entertainment and recreation spots. all these amazing features and wide spaces filled with green, don’t help but give you a sense of home and tranquility.

eastown ednc working area

eastown ednc is a huge working space that extends over 85,000 sqm of sustainable buildings and retail space. ednc is considered a commercial hub that overlooks eastown and the company’s flagship asset in east cairo.

the place has a good daylight system to minimize the use of energy throughout the day and make it more enjoyable and comfortable for the eyes to work in healthy working facilities. this place is considered one of the amazing sites of sodic eastown offering services for the compound.

the place has a practical and massive space for work, that can maintain a whole branch for international companies.

sodic eastown prices and installment systems

prices in eastown are a bit high considering the great features and best amenities offered. the starting price for a primary unit there is 6,150,000 EGP. 

the place has different types of properties for sale including apartments, apartments with gardens, duplexes and offices. 

as for eastown houses for rent, duplexes and sodic eastown apartments for sale are available, along with 90 square meters of administrative spots, furnished offices, furnished apartments and corporate-branch offices with the size of 136 square meters. 

the rental meters for offices are relatively high due to the strategic location of the compound and may reach 1,000 EGP for a single meter.

apartments in Eastown have 20,00 EGP as the lowest price for the meter which is considered high, as a large apartment of 235 meters square costs 9,000,000 EGP.

sodic eastown duplex offered by owners has a 4,000,000 EGP for 235 m² size, or 12,000,000 EGP for a 238 m² size.

sodic real estate development comapny

since its establishment in 1996, SODIC or “Sixth of October Development and Investment Company” has constantly proved its potential and effectiveness in the buildings it creates. the company started in west Cairo outskirts, then expanded to north coast and new Cairo in the east, to explore and develop new regions in the country and implement its own innovation and construction ideas and vision.

over 20 years, the name sodic become very familiar and trusted by customers and homeowners in the market.

the company is under the leadership of one of the best teams in architecture and execution of projects including:

  • Ahmed Al-halawany / chief development officer.
  • Yasser El Said / Chief Projects Officer.
  • Heba Makhlouf / Chief Investment Officer.
  • Hisham Salah / Chief Technology Officer.
  • Nadine Okasha/Chief Strategy, Brand, and Sustainability Officer.
  • Aly El Samra /  Chief Commercial Officer.

All are under the supervision of Talal Al Dhiyebi who is the Group’s Chief Executive Officer.


FAQ1: is there are any available primary units for sale?

No, the apartment for sale in eastown new cairo is only through owners and advertisors.  all developer units are sold out, but fortunately, sodic eastown resale deals are available.

FAQ2: What are the best features sodic eastown has?

sodic eastown has many qualities that make it a perfect place for living in new cairo:

  1. strategic location in the fifth settlement new cairo.
  2. large green spaces and wide streets to maintain privacy.
  3. rigorous security system and protection.
  4. unique designs and architecture implemented according to European styles.
  5. fully furnished and equipped workspaces for small businesses and companies.

FAQ3: what is the ednc eastown project?

ednc eastown is a massive working space that extends over 85,000 square meters near eastown compounds. the place offers offices and administrative rooms for rent or sale. the offices may contain a whole branch or a small office for a company according to the renter’s needs.

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