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Solare Misr Italia


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Solare Misr Italia village is a magnificent coastal village designed in the Italian architectural style on the Mediterranean.

The beauty of the north coast’s beaches, the gentle weather of Egypt alongside the distinctive design of the village make Solare North Coast surpass any other spot in the world.

Where is Village Solare located and what is nearby?

Village Solare is placed in a charming spot on the North Coast, specifically at the Kilo 199 Alexandria – Matrouh Coastal Road on Ras El Hekma beach.

The village provides accessibility to several main roads. For example, it is close to the exit of the new road Fouka at Ras El Hekma Bay; only a 10-minute car drive distance. Moreover, Dabaa Road; Wadi Natroun and Al Alamin Roads are nearby, connecting you with everything.

Landmarks near Solare Misr Italia:

Many guests tend to mark the spot of the villages through the famous landmarks nearby, thus we can list the most distinct ones near Solare Ras El Hekma as follow:

  • Hacienda Bay, 35 minutes away
  • Sidi Abdel Rahman, 40 minutes away
  • Matrouh City, 1 hour away
  • Alexandria, 2 hours away
  • Cairo, 3 hours away
  • Al Alamin Airport

Size and Units of Solare Misr Italia

A gigantic project such as Solare North Coast will doubtlessly provide a wide variety of units and properties. The project sits on a vast area of land, which extends to more than 380 acres. Units over 93 acres have already come to life at the moment, with the majority of units (82%) having a panoramic Seaview over a kilometre-long beach. Furthermore, 10 regions within village Solare are 31 metres above sea level.

As we have mentioned before, the village has different types of units to suit all needs and budgets. Let’s see what Solare Misr Italia offers:

  • 2-bedroom Chalets
  • 3-bedroom Chalets
  • Townhouse, that consists of 3 bedrooms in addition to a maid’s bedroom
  • 3-bedroom Twin houses
  • 3-bedroom Standalone Villas
  • 4-bedroom Standalone Villas

Facilities and services at Solare Ras El Hekma

Because luxury is what Misr Italia aims for, all possible facilities and services will be available at your fingertips at Village Solare. Misr Italia Solare is designed to be an all-inclusive Coastal escape; thus, almost all of the units overlook a magnificent swimming lagoon and hectares of greenery.
Aside from the lagoon and greenery, you will find all other essential and accessory facilities such as:

  • A medical Centre for emergencies
  • Security guards working 24/7 with surveillance cameras for maximum security
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning services
  • Supermarkets to serve each block of units
  • A shopping mall of your entertainment
  • A variety of restaurants and diners including floating restaurants
  • Landscape gardens, lounges and playgrounds which you and your children can enjoy
  • 18 swimming pools with different sizes, designs and depths
  • Tracks for cycling and jogging as well as a gym and an area for yoga
  • Beaches have outdoor sports halls for more coastal fun
  • 2 Boutique Hotels

Solare Misr Italia also provides a comfortable workspace with a high speed-internet connection for your convenience

Prices and Payment by Solare Misr Italia:

The prices in Solare Ras El Hekma vary on a wide scale according to the areas and types of the units. However, we assure you that you will find your request whatever your budget is. The prices are way affordable in comparison with the prices in the North Coast generally. Starting from 3,900,00 Egyptian pounds you can own a unit in Village Solare.

  • A 2-bedroom Chalet with an area of 107 square metres at 3,900,000 Pounds.
  • A 3-bedroom Chalet with an area ranging from 124 to 142 square metres starts from 4,700,000 Pounds.
  • A Townhouse with an area of 173 square metres starting from 8,300,000 Pounds
  • A 3-bedroom Twin house with an area of 186 square metres starting from 10,600,000 Pounds.
  • A 3-bedroom Standalone Villa with an area of 206 square metres starting from 11,950,000 Pounds
  • A 4-bedroom Standalone Villa with an area of 250 square metres starting from 15,200,000 Pounds.

N.B. Prices may change over time.

Payment and installment systems

In addition to the charming landscapes and exceptional prices, Solare Misr Italia offers convenient installment systems. The highest down payment of all payment plans is only 10% of the total price. Moreover, you can pay the rest of the installments for up to 8 years. The most common plans at Solare North Coast are:

  • 5% down payment with installements over 7 years.
  • 2 down payments of 5% each paid separately, with installements over 8 years.
  • 10% down payment with installements over 6 years.

For more installament plans and details, have a call with our properties` consultants.

Misr Italia Properties and other developments

Misr Italia Properties is a real estate corporation that is growing very fast in the market. The corporation inspires its projects from the wishes of the customers. Therefore, the outcomes are luxurious, breathtaking, trendy and cosy. Projects presented by Misr Italia are unique and unrepeated in the market. Over the last few decades, these developments have been growing in New Cairo, The New Capital, and the North Coast.

List of developments and projects achieved by Misr Italia Properties:

  • IL BOSCO New Capital
  • IL BOSCO CITY New Cairo
  • Radical-1 New Capital
  • Solare Misr Italia Ras El Hekma
  • VINCI New Capital
  • VINCI Street
  • LA NOUVA VISTA New Cairo
  • Kai Sokhna
  • Cairo Business Park
  • Garden 8 Mall New Cairo
  • Vectorial Forest IL BOSCO | New Capital
  • kai sokhna


FAQs about Solare Misr Italia

What are the types of units provided by Solare North Coast?

Village Solare has Chalets, Townhouses, Twin houses and standalone villas.

What is the range of areas for the units at Solare Ras El Hekma?

The areas start at 107 meters square in chalets and up to 250 meters square in villas.

What are the prices of the units and payment plans at Misr Italia Solare?

The prices start at 3,900,000 Egyptian Pounds and you can pay in installments for up to 8 years.

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