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Kai Sokhna reveals the captivating beauty of the red sea. It is an idyllic coastal heaven, providing different units, styles, and spaces to suit all needs.

Kai Sokhna, an enchanting retreat crafted by Misr Italia Properties, promises an unrivaled fusion of luxury and nature’s embrace. Nestled along the mesmerizing Red Sea’s pristine shores, Kai Sokhna beckons adventurers and serenity seekers.

The developer’s masterful touch weaves contemporary elegance into every aspect, creating a harmonious oasis of leisure and rejuvenation and providing the compound with many options of unit type, style, and spaces. With world-class amenities and sustainable design, Kai Sokhna elevates the concept of modern living. Embark on a journey where paradise meets seaside splendor, and let the mesmerizing charm of Kai Sokhna embrace you like never before.

Best details about Kai Sokhna Resort structure and design

Kai Sokhna

Kai Sokhna Resort is developed with such details that you can feel the quality and majesty of high-class hotels. This outstanding project showcases ingenious space design, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings. It is developed on a vast space, almost 145.000 square meters, to have all the needed services and features for the clients. Its strategic location offers easy access to important cities and landmarks, making it a convenient and sought-after destination. Embracing eco-conscious principles, the Resort exemplifies sustainable luxury, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for eco-travelers and discerning vacationers alike.

What is the Resort’s exact location and nearby landmarks?

The Kai Elsokhna location is selected very carefully to be an easily accessible resort from different directions all over Egypt. The Resort is situated in Egypt’s Suez Governorate, only 122 kilometers from Suez Village, near Zafarana Road, 20 kilometers. Kai Sokhna can be reached from Cairo within only 2 hours, as it is 187 kilometers away from the city and almost 160 kilometers from the New Capital city. This luxurious destination offers a harmonious blend of breathtaking natural beauty and top-notch amenities; with this location, it can be reached in no time.

Luxurious Features and Class A Services Provided in the Resort

Misr Italia Properties developed Kai Sokhna with very high standards to compete with the best coastal and non-coastal villages. Starting from the broad location, which is designed to be an eco-friendly place with a share of 88% lush green and gardens for the best view. And here are more features and services of the Resort in detail:

  • The Resort has a 5-star hotel for visitors.
  • For the best of the ecosystem, it has several amazing artificial lakes.
  • A private and creation area particular for kids and others for adults.
  • Best national and international brands in a commercial shopping area.
  • High-level Cafes and restaurants for daily outings.
  • A clubhouse for more activities and entertainment.
  • Relaxation health club provides sauna, jacuzzi, and spa services.
  • Gym and sports area with many equipments for working out.
  • And by the shore, a particular fishing area and Marina for Yachts.

The available units option, spaces range, and price

Kai Sokhna

With the beautiful and elegant touch of modernity in the Resort, the developer made many luxurious options for the Sheraton Hotel villa rooms. It is not designed for basic units; it has many types with different ranges of spaces.

First, we have chalets from 107 square meters to 165 square meters. Then the chalet with a garden begins from a minimal space of 69 square meters to 165 square meters. And here is the most significant area for the villas that start from 270 square meters with 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms and an optional garden.

What is the price range for each of the units?

As for the range of unit styles, the prices also vary according to the unit type, space and location within the Resort. Starting with the chalet with a garden that gives a price starting from 2.7 Million all the way up to 7.1 Million EGP. And for the chalets, the price ranges between 3.4 Million to 6.5 Million Egp. Lastly, we have the Villas, which start pricing from 19.5 Million EGP and depend on the interior design and location in the Resort. With these options, it is easier to select your suitable unit according to your budget.

What are the options for payment in Kai El Sokhna Resort?

Misr Italia developers made sure to care for the clients and provide them with the most comfortable payment plan. The plan we have here is for the client to pay 10% of the total price, then 5% after 5 months of contracting, and the rest of the price is over 6 years of installments. With the payment plan, the company provides the client with the exact delivery time, and Misr Italia is known for its good reputation for delivering on time. With these options, the client is totally assured of their payment needs and delivery time.

About Misr Italia developer establishment and important projects

Misr Italia’s expertise shines through in every detail, from exquisite architecture to outstanding services, ensuring an unparalleled experience for guests. The company is among the most important in the Egyptian real estate market. It was established for over 15 years with many projects and a profit share in the market. The value of investments for the company is almost 68 Million EGP. The previous work and projects of Misr Italia:

  • La Nuova.
  • Garden 8
  • Vinci Street.
  • Hilton Garden Inn.
  • Kai Sahel North Coast.
  • Cairo Business Park in New Cairo.

Kai Sokhna resort stands as a great project to Misr Italia’s ingenuity and commitment to excellence. The Resort provides many services and features to present the best luxurious lifestyle with beautiful nature; whatever you want will be available.

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