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شاليهات للبيع في ماجادا العين السخنة

Majada Sokhna


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if you want to have the ein El-Sokhna experience fully, right on the Galala mountain, 150m above the red sea coast where you can feel, smell and enjoy the breezy air from the altitude. majada Sokhna in Galala region is a breathtaking place, not only for an unforgettable vacation or weekend, but it is eligible for a steady and peaceful life in one of the most amazing places in Egypt.

Majada Ain Sokhna strategic location on Galala Plateau

Iwan Sokhna is located 10 km away from the newly established Galala city, 150 m above the Galala mountain, and 600m along the Red sea coast. The location in this massive compound is surely very strategic thanks to its proximity to different and important landmarks in Sokhna.

The project location was chosen to be near schools, universities, hotels, essential facilities, aquaparks and main roads.

  • majada Sokhna is 126 km from New Cairo.
  • 118 km from the new administrative capital.
  • 46 km from Al-Zafrana Road.
  • 30 km from the ain Al-Sokhna harbour (Steala de Mary region).
  • 3.3 km away from the Galala Marina
  • telal ain sokhna

Majada El Sokhana: A cure for your soul

Majada Sokhna

resembling the crete islands in its scenes and air, iwan Sokhna is a cure for the soul as much as it is a pleasure for the eye. extending over a massive space of 105 acres (101 faddan) with a net worth of 5 billion EGP, a huge budget intended to make sure that the place covers every need and wish one can ever think of.

13.5% of the place consists of villas, twin houses and duplexes, while the rest consists of water bodies and lavish green parks through them. 90% of these buildings look over the clear Red Sea water and at different heights ranging between 4-15 m on the Galala mountain in layers and layers of trees and Romanian decoration.

one of the most wonderful things in iwan majada houses is the facade. The big windows and the lines that interfere with them are designed to be simple but chic, and give you a sense of wideness and greatness once you see.

right in front of the plateau, there are 3 big pools in interconnected shapes to add more beauty and joy to the place.

Amenities and services provided in iwan majada

  • Malls and commercial squares having branches of the best brands for shopping and fine dining.
  • A medical center that works throughout the day with multiple pharmacies covers all the areas.
  • Green spaces as the vast majority of the place.
  • Excellent Security personnel working all day.
  • Paved walkways and bike lines and through the roads.
  • Elevators and parking garages.
  • Beach services throughout the day which you can find in the beach clubhouse.
  • Specialized centers for yoga and meditation.
  • Gym, spa, sauna, and jacuzzi plus a diving center.
  • Restaurants area.
  •  Art garden where you can take beautiful pictures.
  •  A boutique hotel.
  •  A family clubhouse organizes engaging activities for the community.
  •  Embankment plaza.

all these amazing services and facilities in majada, make the place all that it takes to be your home inside the beautiful nature of Sokhna.

How much does a unit cost in Iwan Majada?

prices in iwan majada vary differently according to size, type of unit, location and of course market variation. in majada sokhna, there is studios, chalets, twin houses, town houses and villas.

with a starting price of 2,400,000 EGP, you can buy your own studio or chalet with 53 m² size, or a pre-owned 91m² chalet for approximately the same price.

twin houses of 160m² size worth 8 million EGP with a 50.000 EGP for the meter square.

Payment system and instalments in majada iwan development

iwan development brought up a new and long-paying system that allows clients to have their dream house without so much worry. A house can be immediately owned by paying 10% of the price as a deposit, half of that after 3 months, and paying the remaining in installments with equal payments for a period of up to 9 years, which is considered the longest in sokhna and so many areas around it.

Iwan development real Estate company

for 18 years, iwan real estate development company have been dedicated to building homes the have the Arabic spirit of openness and warmth in it. iwan has made more than 8 residential projects, most of which took place in sheikh zayed city like Jeera, Jewar, Jedar and other urban compounds established by Iwan since 2004. and then there is their precious coastal project, majada which is considered their first outside Cairo. the company also has worked on more than 10 commercial projects, which makes it a leading company in the construction business taking place in Egypt.

the main members of the board in iwan development:

  • Eng Waleed Mokhtar, the CEO of the real estate company.
  • Eng. Ehab Mokhtar, a shareholder responsible for Ideas and design in the company.
  • Mr Mohamed Maher, a shareholder and non-executive chairman.
  • Mr Ahmed Samy a shareholder and Board Member.


FAQ1: What is the construction status of majada sokhna?

the company has recently been ready for launch, and most of the units are ready for delivery, with a complete finishing date decided in Jun 2027.

FAQ2: what is the status of units delivered in majada?

projects are being delivered fully finished in majada sokhna.

FAQ3: Are there are apartments in majada sokhna?

Unfortunately No, majada sokhna only has houses, chalets and studios.

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