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Telal Sokhna is a paradise developed by Roaya. Crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, luxury amenities, and whatever you are looking for a living.

Telal Sokhna here discovers the breathtaking charm of this compound, envisioned by Roaya, a remarkable coastal development. Nestled along Egypt’s Red Sea, this tempting luxury captivates with its awe-inspiring beauty. Roaya’s outstanding design blends natural splendor with modern elegance, creating an unparalleled retreat.

Glimmering turquoise waters and beautiful sandy shores invite travelers seeking serenity and adventure. The compound boasts luxurious treatments, promising a wonderful lifestyle filled with comfort and relief. Whether relishing panoramic sea views or indulging in world-class facilities, Telal Sokhna promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking a harmonious blend of tranquility and luxurious life.

Details about the majesty of the Telal Sokhna compound


Telal ain Sokhna is developed with careful details and special designs to fit the luxury resort’s competitors. The compound presents the best outstanding and unique units and styles among other Ain Sokhna resorts. The developer made the compound a perfect fit for different clients to find whatever they are looking for, either units, spaces, services, or features.

The compound offers an array of top-notch treatments, including swimming pools, spa facilities, and sports courts. With a variety of residential options, from stylish apartments to spacious villas, every living preference is available. Residents and guests can savor the mesmerizing sea views while enjoying a vibrant community atmosphere.

What is the project’s complete space and exact location?

Telal Sokhna resides gracefully along the Red Sea, providing stunning sea vistas, a haven that harmonizes with nature and a serene escape from the city bustle. The project is developed on a huge space of about 600 acres that is almost three million square meters on the beautiful red sea beach.

The developer integrated Telal ain Sokhna into such a huge space to make sure the compound has massive green areas and different unit spaces. Roaya’s vision comes to life with ample space for luxurious amenities and recreational activities. This space will give the clients a number of amazing features and services all over the compound.

Where is Telal El Sokhna’s exact location and nearby landmarks?

Telal El Sokhna enjoys a prime location, surrounded by natural beauty, with stunning panoramic views of the turquoise waters. The compound has a very special and strategic location, among other projects, as it is only 100 kilometers away from the capital city.

It is also located near the Zafarana main road and nearly away from Suez City, about 40 minutes. With this vital location, the project has access to many services on the main road, such as shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals and Ain Sokhna Downtown. Telal Sokhna became a ranked destination among other competitors with all the outstanding features and location.

What are the Telal Ain Sokhna Units Type and space?

Telal Sokhna by Roaya Developers offers a diverse range of unit types, from stylish apartments to spacious beachfront villas. Telal Sokhna provides clients with many options for their comfort and has different units with a range of spaces as follows:

  • Starting with the smallest unit, which is a studio, ranging between 70 square meters to 86 square meters.
  • Chalets with a little more space between 97 square meters and 110 square meters.
  • Chalets with gardens have a starting space from 103 square meters to 133 square meters.
  • Twinhouse with a larger range of space between 154 square meters to 180 square meters.
  • And finally, the largest unit space, the Villa, with a space of up to 345 square meters.

The price range for Telal Ain Sokhna units


Telal Sokhna offers a range of prices to suit various budgets and preferences. As for the unit’s development, the compound provides a wide range of prices according to the unit type, space, and location. One can find affordable options like cozy studios with a friendly budget. And here’s the units price range:

  • Studio price starts from 1.3 Million to 3.5 Million EGP.
  • Chalet price ranges between 3.3 Million to 4.3 Million EGP.
  • Then the chalets with gardens are between 4.2 to 5.6 Million EGP.
  • Twin House price starts from 4.9 Million to 8.3 Million EGP.

And then we have the highest rate for Villa’s price between 16 Million to 30.7 Million EGP.

The payment system for the Telal project

As we can see how the developer takes care of every detail, here we can find, besides the price range, the provided different payment systems to suit everyone. Also, buyers can enjoy attractive discounts and incentives when opting for early payments or cash purchases.

They have two payment systems as follows. First, the client will pay 5% of the total price and the rest of the price over 8 years. Or, they can go with the other system, to start with a 10% Down payment, and the rest can be shared over up to 9 years. So, either way, you can choose whatever is suitable for your budget.

Why are Telal features so special in comparison with other compounds?

The compound provides many services and features to make life easier and more fancy for the residents. And here are the most attractive features, among many others:

  • The compound units are above sea level for the best view from any unit and direction.
  • A 5-star hotel is a floating hotel and the first of its type.
  • Swimming pools all over Telal Sokhna village, and private ones for kids.
  • Aqua Park for the best entertainment.
  • A special called Marina Yacht includes about 500 Yachts.
  • A 3-star hotel located near units for visitors.
  • More services about daily life in Telal Sokhna:
  • Health services are available on the beach on a daily basis.
  • Pharmacies provide all medical needs.
  • Sports areas, gym, and jacuzzi rooms.
  • Over ¾ of the resort space is landscape, so it has a number of parks and grounds.
  • The resort has a high-quality security system 24/7.
  • A mosque with a very modern architectural style.

More about Roaya developer

The company was established in 2003 as one of the most important real estate companies in the Egyptian market. It has sold a number of units with different types and revenue of up to 5 Billion EGP. They have a number of projects in the market as Hadaba 6 October, Telal soul north coast, Lotus real estate projects and Stone park new Cairo.

Telal Ain Sokhna, developed by Roaya, emerges as an extraordinary gem, uniting natural splendor with modern luxury. A destination where you can find whatever you are looking for.

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