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Jebal El Sokhna


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Jebal El Sokhna is a resort development to be your escape from the noisy city life with so much nature and beauty.

Jebal el Sokhna by SkyBridge Development is a coastal gem, blending a luxurious lifestyle with natural views for the best retreat. Relish world-class amenities and captivating coastal views. Immerse in luxury, eco-friendly homes thoughtfully crafted for modern living.

This developer’s commitment to environmental preservation sets a new benchmark. Embrace a seamless blend of relaxation and adventure, making dreams come true with Jebal El Sokhna. A heaven of tranquility awaits, where nature and comfort harmoniously coexist. With a lot of unit options either for style space or price, you will find what you are looking for and also budget-friendly units.

Where are Jebal El Sokhna’s location?

Jebal El Sokhna

Nestled along Egypt’s amazing Red Sea coast, Jebal El Sokhna boasts a remarkable location that captivates the senses. The project is developed on a huge area with almost 70 acres and also a beautiful beach with about 500 meters. Embraced by majestic mountains and stunning coastal views, the area’s natural beauty enchants visitors. Besides being the first compound to be located directly on the main road, it also has direct access to the red sea. Jebal El Sokhna resort is about 127 Kilometers away from Cairo, within two hours to reach it and also near by majada elgala 

Important nearby landmarks

SkyBridge Development takes care of every little detail regarding Jebal Resort, especially when selecting the project location. It is selected to be surrounded by as many vital destinations as possible as follows:

  • The resort is only 50 kilometers away from Al Zafarana Road, which is important access to other locations.
  • There is only 4 kilometers distance between Jebal and Porto Sokhna.
  • El Galala city is almost 3 kilometers away from Jebal Resort el Sokhna.
  • Finally, you can move from the resort to the new capital city in no time, within almost 45 Minutes.

What are the special characteristics of our compound?

Jebal El Sokhna is an extraordinary destination, surrounded by the stunning Red Sea; its azure waters and pristine beaches offer a serene oasis for relaxation and water activities. The area’s striking mountains provide a picturesque backdrop, perfect for adventurous hikes and breathtaking views. Jebal El Sokhna’s convenient location makes it easily accessible for city citizens seeking an escape.

Embracing sustainable development, the community showcases eco-friendly homes designed for modern living while preserving the surrounding environment. Residents and visitors alike are treated to world-class amenities, including luxurious resorts, fine dining, and vibrant entertainment options.
Best features and clients services in Jebal Resort el Sokhna:

Jebal El Sokhna stands as a true gem along Egypt’s Red Sea coast, inviting all to experience its unique beauty and features. World-class amenities abound, including the following:

  • The compound supports an eco-friendly system with lush green areas as parks and gardens all over the resort.
  • Luxury hotels with the best service for visitors, not only units.
  • A number of Swimming pools are classified as kids’ areas and adults as well.
  • And for more fun, an Aqua park with almost 14.000 Meters of space for water games.
  • Shopping stores and commercial malls with international brands in a shopping area.
  • A well-secured and covered garage.
  • The resort is secured 24/7, with guards and cameras all over the compound.
  • Daily entertaining features for more fun and enjoyment:
  • Even with all the mentioned features, the resort has other joyful and recreation areas for the
  • residents as follows:
  • The most outstanding cafes and restaurants, for residents to have all services around them.
  • A health club equipped with Jacuzzi, sauna and spa.
  • Gym for daily workouts with the perfect modern equipment.
  • Games program as Climbing mountains and safari.
  • Entertaining areas for parties.
  • A theater for concerts and musical activities.
  • A huge supermarket for daily needs.
  • And for businessmen, a private club for their activities.
  • A modern mosque with a very unique style.

What are the available units type, spaces, and prices?

Jebal El Sokhna developers made sure to provide the resort with a wide range of options when it comes to the units and spaces. We will start with the chalets, which provide different spaces, starting from 90 square meters up to 135 square meters. Then they definitely have chalets with gardens, space ranging between 111 square meters to 138 square meters. And here, we have the third type of townhouse with a small range between 160 and 167 square meters. Finally, we have the largest units, villas, with space between 258 square meters to 307 square meters.

The units price range and payment plans

After selecting the unit type and space, you will also consider the location, as it also affects the price. You can find here a friendly budget option as well. Here’s the price range for each unit type:

  • The chalets start from 2.5 Million up to 3.5 Million EGP.
  • Chalets with gardens with a higher range between 3 Million to 4.5 Million EGP.
  • The townhouse price range is 5.9 Million to 6.6 Million EGP.
  • Lastly comes the largest unit, villas, for 13 Million to 13.9 Million EGP.

Payment plans for Jebal el sokhna

With all the perfect features of the resort, the payment plans are also taken care of. You can select the suitable plan, and the first one is to pay 5% of the price and the rest over 8 years. Or, you can 10% of the total price and the rest over 9 years with a monthly installment.

Who are sky bridge developments and their projects?

The Jebal El Sokhna project is owned by SkyBridge Development, and it was supervised by a company called Norvig, one of the best engineering companies in Europe. SkyBridge is one of the largest and most important real estate companies in the Egyptian market, established in 2014. The company affects the market with a huge profit share and has many projects, such as:

  • A compound in New Cairo called The Brooks.
  • El shorouk city residential units.
  • Residential buildings in Heliopolis city.
  • Hadaba compound.

Jebal El Sokhna, With its seamless blend of tranquility and adventure, promises an unforgettable experience for all visitors, making it a top choice for relaxation and recreation by the Red Sea. You will find it suitable for all your needs and requirements.

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