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Founded in 1998 by engineer Sherif Adly, Better Home Developments has emerged as a leading force in the real estate industry. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, the company has achieved remarkable success, becoming a benchmark in the field.

Better Home’s vision centers on developing high-quality, sustainable projects that enhance modern lifestyles. The company’s mission is rooted in integrity, dedication, and customer satisfaction, aiming to provide top-notch products and services according to the highest professional standards.

The company’s objectives focus on improving the quality of life by delivering high-quality housing and integrated, advanced residential environments. Better Home seeks to create comfortable and functional spaces, offering a diverse range of innovative projects that cater to various needs.

Projects Overview

Better Home boasts a diverse portfolio of projects, including the prominent “Midtown Villa Compound in the New Administrative Capital” and the commercial masterpiece, “Midtown Condo Mall.” These projects reflect the company’s commitment to providing innovative, high-quality solutions that meet market demands.

Midtown Condo Mall in the New Administrative Capital

A prime commercial project, this mall offers an exceptional shopping and entertainment experience. Located in the heart of the city, it features elegant stores, fine dining restaurants, and modern cinemas, combining modernity with local traditions.

Midtown Sky Mall in the New Administrative Capital

Strategically positioned in District R7, this commercial project overlooks the Green River and provides a range of services, from educational to medical and entertainment. Its ideal location makes it an attractive investment opportunity.

Midtown Solo Mall in the New Administrative Capital

Situated near landmarks like the Cathedral and the International Conference Center, this modern shopping center offers retail stores, administrative offices, and ample green spaces. It caters to various needs, including areas for children’s recreation.

Midtown Villa in the New Administrative Capital

Featuring diverse residential and commercial units, this project near Exhibition City offers luxurious living spaces with modern and elegant architectural designs. The villas project at Midtown Villa guarantees a unique and upscale lifestyle.

Midtown Condo Compound in the New Administrative Capital

One of the most luxurious and modern projects, the compound provides residents with a comfortable and recreational environment. It includes sports facilities, shopping malls, and beautiful natural scenery, reflecting Better Home’s commitment to upscale living.

Better Home places quality at the core of its projects, from design to implementation. The company adopts the latest technologies and high-quality materials, conducts thorough inspections, and ensures compliance with international standards. Customer feedback is valued, contributing to continuous improvement.

Better Home Developments stands as a testament to excellence in real estate development. With a rich history, a visionary approach, and a dedication to quality, the company continues to shape the landscape of modern living. As a trusted name in the industry, Better Home remains a top choice for those seeking reliability and innovation in real estate development.

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