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Midtown Condo compound apartment building

Midtown Condo Compound

Midtown Condo New Capital, developed by Better Home Company, stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the real estate industry.

Situated in the 7th district of the New Capital City, specifically in K1, this project offers a distinctive housing experience with a prime location, diverse residential units, and competitive pricing.

Midtown Condo Location & Proximity

The strategic location of Midtown Condo ensures access to top-tier education services, proximity to the upcoming Medical City, and convenience to the administrative and financial districts.

The compound is approximately 10 minutes away from Al Sokhna Highway, connecting residents seamlessly to various destinations.

Midtown Condo New Capital Space & Architectural Design

Spanning 60 feddans in proximity to Abd Al-Fattah Aleem Mosque, Midtown Condo impressively dedicates 84% of its space to lush green parks and water-based elements.

Collaborating with an experienced design team, Better Home Company has crafted a solution-based architectural design, mirroring the sophistication of European lifestyles.

Midtown Condo Compound Units Diversity and Design

Offering 338 units in its initial phase, Midtown Condo provides a range of residential options tailored to customers’ preferences.

Units, such as Type A (Ground – 250 m2), Type B (Typical – 120 m2), and Type E (Typical – 230 m2), showcase a flawless interior division with glass facades and a symmetrical style, exuding sophistication.

Midtown Condo New Capital Features & Amenities

Better Home Company’s commitment to a multi-functional integrated community is evident in Midtown Condo’s features.

These include a vast commercial area, jogging tracks, multiple swimming pools, diverse dining options, private garages, a well-equipped medical center, advanced security systems, and dedicated fun zones for all age groups.

Midtown Condo Pricing & Payment Systems

Midtown Condo’s competitive prices ensure the highest value for customers, coupled with a flexible payment system.

Buyers can opt for a 10% down payment with seven-year interest-free installments.

A 35% discount is available for those choosing to pay in cash, showcasing Better Home Company’s commitment to customer-centric financial solutions.

Midtown Condo New Capital Developer

Better Home Group, the visionary developer behind Midtown Condo New Capital, boasts a legacy of 56 projects over 13 years, covering 12 million m2.

With a focus on innovation and modern design, Better Home Group aims to be the foremost choice in Egypt’s real estate landscape.

In conclusion, Midtown Condo New Capital stands as a beacon of excellence, offering not just homes but a comprehensive living experience. Its strategic location, innovative design, diverse units, and customer-centric approach position it as a paradigm of modern residential development in Egypt’s dynamic New Capital City.

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