The Best Compounds In New Cairo

August 30, 2023
واحد من افضل كمبوندات التجمع الخامس

The best compounds in New Cairo are difficult to cap because living anywhere in the 5th settlement is an upgrade to your life. However, we will discuss what we see as the top 10 compounds in New Cairo. Eventually, you will be ignited why you should invest there.

Creek Town IL Cazar

Creek Town New Cairo is one of the venues developed by IL Cazar Developments Corporate. The compound is located in the 1st settlement on Suez Road. It extends over a vast area of 100 acres in which 80% of it is dedicated to greenery and open areas. IL Cazar aims to make nature and landscapes the primary amenity it offers.

Units offered and their prices

  • Apartments, with a cost starting at 5.4 Million Egyptian Pounds
  • Duplexes, with a cost starting at 4.6 Million Egyptian Pounds
  • Penthouses, with a cost starting at 11,350,000 Egyptian Pounds
  • Town Villas, Twin Villas, and Standalone Villas with prices starting at 15.4 Million Egyptian Pounds

The facilities in Creek Town, one of the best compounds in New Cairo

  • 2 distinctive clubhouses
  • A gym and fitness house
  • A commercial facility with multiple shopping outlets
  • Concierge and guidance service
  • Smart service including overall Wi Fi, Electronic Gates and more
  • Paved cycling and walking routes framed with green areas

Hyde Park New Cairo

Hyde Park is, doubtlessly, one of the best compounds in New Cairo if not in Egypt. The complex vibes with a luxurious, modern and full-service lifestyle over 6 million square metres.

The compound is established by Hyde Park Developments Company, a milestone in the market of real estate in Egypt. Since 2007, the corporation has completed a residential project to the last unit and has been working on another four including Hyde Park.

Hyde Park sits in the 5th settlement in New Cairo on the Southern 90th Road. The Complex is in close proximity to the Central Regional Road, the AUC and the FUE.

The Units and their prices

  • Flats, with prices starting at 2.5 Million Egyptian Pounds
  • Duplexes, with prices starting at 3.6 Million Egyptian Pounds
  • Townhouses, with prices starting at 6 Million Egyptian Pounds
  • Twin Houses, with prices starting at 9.5 Million Egyptian Pounds
  • Family Houses, with prices starting at 7.8 Million Egyptian Pounds
  • Villas, with prices starting at 9,330,000 Egyptian Pounds.

N.B: Apartments can be delivered finished or semi-finished. Your residence can be with or without a garden attached. Duplexes can be ground or floor-settled. For more details, please contact our call centre.

Lake View, one of the best compounds in New Cairo

This complex is a prominent venue seated in the 5th Settlement. It is an ongoing project that is constructed by El Hazek Construction Company. This contracting firm is a high-end multi-field company that executes residential, commercial, industrial buildings, and more.
Lake View is located in the heart of New Cairo near the main 90th Road.

Everything about the units

As one of the top compounds in New Cairo, Lake View offers a wide variety of options that you can choose from:

  • Apartments with a Garden, with a space of 122 square metres
  • Apartments with a Roof, with a space of 266 square metres
  • Penthouses, with an area starting at 272 square metres
  • Duplexes, with an area starting at 300 square metres

The prices vary according to the residence and its specifications; however, prices start at 2.5 Million Egyptian Pounds and you can pay by the installment system over 7 years; only a 5% down payment is requested.

Facilities and amenities

Swimming pools and artificial lagoons
Green areas, playgrounds, and kids’ areas.
Public parking and private garages.
A Clubhouse.

Zed East Ora complex

One of the most unique and best compounds in the 5th settlement. Thanks to the superb planning of the developing company, Ora Developments, the residence enjoys an easily reachable location in New Cairo City.

It is close to the New Capital, the main roads and axes, other compounds such as Hyde Park and the facilities in the area.

The services and amenities

  • Commercial spot and a shopping Mall
  • Retail and office blocks
  • Trails for jogging and riding bikes
  • A full-service spa

Units and offered specifications

As one of the best compounds in New Cairo, you will enjoy in zed east the privileges offered by Ora Developments:

  • Standard apartments, with single or multiple bedrooms, with an area between 60 and 110 square metres.
  • Luxury apartments with 2 bedrooms at 130 square metres.
  • Chalets, ground or upper floor, with space starting at 180 square metres.
  • Penthouses, Townhouses, and Twin Houses.
  • Standalone Villas at an area of 254 square metres or more.

Telal East, from the best compounds in New Cairo

Telal East New Cairo happens to be an investment accomplished by Roya Developments Real Estate Company in the 5th settlement. The corporation started business in the Egyptian market in 1997 and flourished to be a prominent entity.

If we draw a map, Village Telal will be the nucleus of it in close proximity to Maadi, Nasr City, the AUC, and the airport.

Units and their prices

  • Duplex starting at 6.2 Million Egyptian Pounds
  • Townhouse starting at 9.5 Million Egyptian Pounds
  • Standalone Villa starting at 11.25 Million Egyptian Pounds

The payment plan is to pay 5% of the total cost as a downpayment, then complete the price in installments over 8 years.

Facilities and services

  • Lagoons and Kayak marine
  • A dining island
  • Yoga area
  • Open-air hammock spots

Mivida from Emaar

Mivida, the high-standard compound, is located in a distinctive spot in New Cairo. Constructed by Emaar Misr Company, the residence resembles Spanish design in addition to the greenery that makes the complex naturalistic.

The village sits directly on the 90 Road, close to the Main and Eastern Ring Road and 15 minutes from the AUC.

The Units and their specifications

Probably on the top list of the best compounds in New Cairo, Mivida offers:

  • Apartments
  • Boulevard Residences
  • Avenue Residences
  • Blue Views Residences
  • Twin Homes overlooking gardens
  • Villas in the heart of Greens II

Facilities and amenities

  • Nursery
  • Gardens and lagoons
  • On-the-clock security service
  • A Club House
  • Medical Centre

Taj City New Cairo

One of the prominent compounds in the 5th settlement;

  • it is located on the extension of Al Thawra Street making it centralised in New Cairo City.
  • The ongoing project has 3 stages from which you can choose:
    • Club Side Stage
    • Elect Stage
    • Shalya Taj City Stage

For more information about Taj City, call us.

Residences’ types, areas, and prices

  • Flats from 83 square metres starting at 100,000 EGP
  • Duplexes starting at 4.3 Million EGP
  • Town Houses starting at 4,239,000 EGP
  • Twin Houses starting at 8 Million EGP
  • Villas from 280 square metres starting at 5.02 Million EGP

Facilities and services

  • Downtown area
  • Offices and Business area
  • Parks, playgrounds and lagoons
  • Commercial area
  • Security service

Palm Hills Katameya and the Extension

This group of related complexes is executed by the major construction company Palm Hills Developments as one of the best compounds in New Cairo.

Palm Hills Katameya is located in East Cairo, in the golden square of New Cairo. The complex has two stages, PK1 and PK2 in addition to the extension.

Services and amenities

  • E-services
  • Club Haus
  • A Golf City
  • Parking lots and garages
  • A 5-star hotel

Units offered

  • Apartments
  • Town Houses
  • Duplexes
  • Villas

Eastown District from Sodic

The top 10 compounds in New Cairo definitely include Eastown District from Sodic Developments. The complex extends over 204 acres, of which green spaces represent the majority.

Units and payment

  • Apartments
  • Duplexes
  • The minimum price for a unit is 3,200,000 EGP, and the most common payment method is the installment system.
  • Pay 20% as a down payment and complete over 6 years
  • Pay 10% as a down payment and complete over 7 years

Eastown facilities as one of the best compounds in New Cairo

  • 24-hour Shopping Mall
  • Beauty Centre and Spa
  • Health Club and Sports Fields
  • Playgrounds and kids’ areas
  • A magnificent reflecting-glass facade

Stone Residence 5th settlement

The complex stands on a vast space of 450 acres in a unique European style. Royaa Group implemented this project in Katameya, close to the entrance of Cairo in order to connect the residents with every district.

You can easily reach Maadi, Heliopolis, the airport, and the Ring Road.

Buildings’ types and spaces

  • Flats with gardens with areas between 140 and 220 square metres
  • Flats without gardens with areas between 128 and 315 square metres
  • Penthouses with areas between 175 and 340 square metres.

Facilities and services

To be one of the best compounds in New Cairo, Stone Residence offers a list of amenities. We can brief this list into:

  • Water bodies
  • Green areas and trails
  • A private club
  • 2 different entrances
  • Class-A shops and outlets

Why invest in New Cairo?

New Cairo is the new future; people are seeking a luxurious high-standard lifestyle away from the jam of the capital and within the beauty of nature. New Cairo offers all of these needs and more and that’s why you will find the best compounds in New Cairo.

The demand for residency there has increased as all of the housing in the new city is near:

  • The AUC / GUC /FUE
  • Northern and Southern 90 Road
  • The Ring Road
  • Cairo International Airport
  • Maadi, Nasr City and Heliopolis

To sum up, we can say that living in New Cairo is a requested enhancement to the lifestyle.