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Zed East is one of the key projects of Ora Developers corporate inside Egypt. It is a residential / work compound with all the facilities.
The Complex offers a variety of units with different areas, prices, and payment systems to fit your needs and budget. However, all of the blocks overlook green areas, lagoons, and services.

Zed East location and nearby landmarks

zed east compound

Ora Zed East is located in the 5th settlement, New Cairo. The project is blessed with a superb spot in the heart of New Cairo thanks to the outstanding planning of Ora developments.
This quick-growing compound can be considered the nucleus of a community that extends extremely over the area. Zed is accessible through the end of South 90 Road of the 5th settlement. Additionally, it has proximity to the New Capital and other well-known compounds such as La Vista City and Hyde Park.

Famous landmarks around Zed 5th settlement

  • Aside from what we have already mentioned, here is a list of the vital landmarks near the complex
  • you would be willing to know:
  • Al Ain Al Sokhna Road
  • Regional Ring Road
  • East Ring Road
  • A 10-minute drive from the AUC (American University in Cairo)
  • International Cairo Airport.
  • Nasr City and Heliopolis

Project area and planning

Zed East Ora extends, totally, over 600 feddans, in which 400 of them are dedicated to the residential blocks. 360 feddans, in other words about 1.5 million square metres, have already come to life. You can witness them in the different units Ora offers.

In terms of the remaining 200 feddans, they are pure gardens. Ora developers Zed East target luxury and sophistication, thus they planned the greenery to interfere with the facilities and fuse with every inch of the compound. The master plan of the project introduces every unit to a relaxing green landscape, as well as the interconnecting routes and roads.

Types of units at Zed East Compound and their areas

Ora developers offer a handful of unit types; however, the areas vary on a wide scale to suit your needs and budget. You can own a branded SF unit or a residential unit. You can find units for single families and multiple families as well.

List of units in Zed East 5th settlement:

  • 1-bed standard Apartments, starting at 63 square meters
  • 2-bed standard Apartments, starting at 106 square meters
  • 2-bed corner luxury Apartments, starting at 130 square meters
  • Penthouses, starting at 221 square meters
  • Townhouses, starting at 195 square meters
  • Twin houses, starting at 226 square meters
  • Chalets, with an area of 180 square meters
  • Standalone villas, starting at 254 square meters.

You can better find what suits you the most by calling our properties` consultants.

Facilities and services Ora Developers Zed East provides

Because the company aims for a comprehensive complex, it has placed a mix of essential and accessory facilities to serve all of your needs and entertainment. You will find:

  • Offices and retail
  • Parking lots, underground and surface
  • Shopping Mall and commercial areas
  • A cinema
  • Central parks and cycling tracks
  • Playgrounds and kids’ areas
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Education services
  • Security system with the latest surveillance cameras
  • Artificial lagoons and swimming pools
  • Private garages
  • Fire alarm and electricity generators
  • Medical clinics and pharmacies
  • An academy for sports, in addition to the Sports Club

Let’s talk a bit about this Sports club. The club can be considered a cumulative hub of professional sports. There, you will find a Sports University, Tennis community, Football Academy, and Pools for professional swimming. The clubhouse is wide open for casual practice as well.

Furthermore, the compound has an on-the-clock security system that consists of security services, gates, and cameras.

Zed East New Cairo prices and payment systems

  • Ora corporate offers Air Conditioned units starting from 82 square meters to fit your budget. For instance, the average price of an apartment is 5 million Egyptian pounds, while the average price of a villa is 9,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • You can pay with an installment system that allows you to pay the full price over 9 years.
  • Furthermore, the down payment is 0% for your convenience.
  • You can also choose the 5% down payment plan and complete your payments over 8 years.

Other plans for Zed East prices

  • 10% as a down payment, another 10% with the contracts, and a third 10% upon receiving the unit. Your due will be in 9 years.
  • 10% and another 5% upon registering in addition to a final 5% while receiving the unit. Your due will be in 8 years.
  • 10% and another 5% on contracting in addition to a final 5% while receiving the unit. Your due will be in 7 years.
  • 10% down payment, another 5% on contracting, and a final 5% upon receiving the unit. Your due will be in 6 years.

N.B. prices are subject to vary.

About Ora developers and its projects

The company was launched by the Egyptian businessman and billionaire Nageb Sawiras in 2016. Since then, the incorporation showed outstanding growth and success until it established projects worldwide. Ayia Napa Marina, Silver Sands, LTD, Nocera, and Eighteen are the five flagships of Ora outside of Egypt. It settles in Cyprus, Pakistan, Grenada, and the UK.

Ora Developers Co. values comfort and convenience. That is why they plan and style their projects in the form of green-watery complexes.

Other developments established by Ora:

  • Nile City Towers
  • Pyramids Hills
  • Pyramids Hills 6 October
  • Badya palm Hills 
  • Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed
  • El Gouna Red Sea

FAQs about Zed East New Cairo

What are the types of units in Ora Zed East?

The project offers apartments, chalets, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas.

What are the prices and payment plans available?

The prices have a wide range according to the unit. However, the price of apartments starts at 5 million Pounds and that of villas starts at 10 million Pounds.
You can pay through the installment system and complete your payment over up to 9 years.

What are the areas of the units?

Apartments start at 63 square meters, chalets start at 180 square meters, houses start at 195, and finally, villas start at 250 square meters.

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