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Vinci Compound New Capital

Vinci Compound

Misr Italia Holding, known for its commitment to innovation and luxury, presents Vinci New Capital Compound—an epitome of elegance inspired by the ancient artistry of Leonardo Da Vinci.

In a technological era characterized by rapidity, Vinci Compound aims to revive the essence of the Old Ages, where creating art was intrinsic to life.

Vinci Compound Location and Space

Situated strategically in the 7th district at G4 on the main axis of the city, “Muhamed Ben Zayed,” Vinci Compound provides unparalleled route accessibility.

Spanning a vast 111 Feddan (462,000 square meters), the compound is strategically positioned near the Al Masa Hotel, the Presidential Palace, the central park, and the Parliament Zone within the New Capital City.

Vinci Compound Architectural Marvels

Vinci Compound is a harmonious blend of ancient art techniques and modern architecture, masterfully executed by CallisonRTKL & DMA. Divided into 7 residential districts, each inspired by a unique art movement—Cubism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Expressionism, Surrealism, Fascination, and Pop Art—the compound represents a fusion of culture, knowledge, and luxury.

Vinci Compound Residential Units

Reflecting customer demands, Vinci Compound offers a diverse range of housing options. Artistic villas dominate 70% of the space, followed by luxurious apartments occupying 25%, and a unique offering of Hotelaparts utilizing the remaining 5%. The meticulously designed units cater to various preferences, from spacious villas to well-appointed apartments.

Vinci Compound Exceptional Features and Services

Vinci Compound promises a seamlessly integrated lifestyle with a clubhouse for various activities, daily maintenance services, a substantial commercial area, diverse dining options, pedestrian trails, and robust security measures.

Vinci Compound Payment Plans

Misr Italia offers flexible payment plans for both villas and apartments. Villas require a 5% down payment and a 10% payment upon unit receipt, with the remaining cost spread over 10 years. Apartments follow a similar structure with a more extended installment period of 12 years.

Vinci Compound Developer

Misr Italia Holding, a dominating force in real estate, tourism, facility management, furniture, and decoration, stands as a testament to meticulous planning and customer-centric approaches. Vinci Compound exemplifies their dedication to delivering top-tier, well-planned projects.

Embark on a journey where art and luxury converge—Vinci New Capital Compound is your gateway to a life of opulence and sophistication. WhatsApp us or give us a call to take the first step into this masterpiece.

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