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V Levels compound


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Dunes for Development recently unveiled its latest project, a groundbreaking 5-level compound known as ‘V Levels’ in the affluent Sheikh Zayed area. This development is poised to redefine the concept of luxurious living, offering residents an unparalleled experience in deluxe comfort.

Strategically located just 4 minutes away from Dahshour Road, V Levels Compound enjoys a prime spot in Sheikh Zayed, facing Beverly Hills Sodic and surrounded by other deluxe compounds. The expansive 80-Feddan project ensures a high-end lifestyle with a range of amenities, including a commercial area, medical services, a well-equipped gym, a sporting club, a kids’ area, and various venues.

Dunes Development, mindful of the diverse needs of customers, provides a range of unit types in V Levels Compound, including apartments, townhouses, and twin houses. The architectural design adheres to global living standards, offering residents 180-degree park views amidst lush landscapes.

The residential units in V Levels Compound vary in size and type to cater to different preferences. From 186 sqm apartments to spacious twin houses ranging from 270 sqm to 400 sqm, the project caters to a wide spectrum of housing requirements.

What sets 5 Levels Sheikh Zayed apart are its exceptional features and services. Residents can enjoy recreational facilities like a skating hall, BBQ zone, and padel yard. The project includes a health club with a five-star jacuzzi and spa, ensuring a rejuvenating lifestyle. Safety is paramount, with the inclusion of security guards, and residents can strengthen community ties in restaurants and cafes.

Dunes Development offers a flexible payment system for V Levels Compound, allowing a 10% down payment upon contract signing, another 10% upon unit receipt, and an 8-year installment period. The anticipated delivery date for units is three years.

As a recent addition to Dunes Company’s portfolio, Levels Compound in Sheikh Zayed exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering premium-quality gated compounds. Founded in 1988, Dunes Company has expanded its presence across Egypt with projects like Zayed Dunes, Zayed Regency, Zayed Dunes Complex, and Rivbult Twin Mall. The launch of V Levels Compound reinforces the company’s dedication to providing upscale living experiences.

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