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The Waterway north coast offers one of the most outstanding and luxurious destinations on the north coast among the competitors. Nestled along Egypt’s North Coast, this exclusive compound was developed to offer a serene escape from bustling city life. With its fabulous beaches, world-class A treatments, and captivating architecture, The Waterway North Coast is heaven for those seeking an idyllic coastal retreat. The waterway developers offer access to private beaches designed carefully to blend harmoniously with huge landscapes. In the waterway north coast community, experience the luxury and relaxation you have always sought.

The Water way north coast captivating details

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A group of excellent national and international engineers developed the waterway’s north coast. They provided the compound with so many captivating architectural details to make the compound compete with the class A residentials of the north coast. The units are crafted and surrounded by lush landscapes to make the best beautiful gardens and scenic views. With that, the waterway north coast has an epic family-friendly environment, offering a safe and engaging community perfect for families of all sizes. In addition, the compound is provided with a 24/7 security system so that you will always feel safe.

Where is the location of the waterway north project?

With all the crafted details of the waterway north coast, the compound’s location is carefully selected for the best of the residents. The waterway compound is located strategically on kilometer 173 on El Dabaa road, only 1.5 hours away from Alexandria. Having this location, the project now is participating to be the destiny for a family gathering from different cities and also Community events. Also, the compound-specific location benefits from high-quality infrastructure and well-maintained roads for a seamless living experience. All that improves the compound’s chance to compete and even be the best project.

The nearby landmarks of the waterway’s north coast

Anyone looking for a north coastal resident will search firstly for the landmark around his destiny to make sure of having all the essential benefits. The closest station from the project starts with Borg El Arab international airport, only about an hour and a half away. Also, the location is 35 minutes away from the North Coast Andalusia hospitals. You can move from the compound to Marina El Alamein within a few minutes. In addition, La Vista Bay North Coast is on El Dabaa Road and minutes away from the compound. All these cities make the project rank with its selling rate and also near by la vista ras el hikma .

What are the units available on the waterway’s north coast?

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The water way north coast showers its clients with different styles of units to suit their searchings. Firstly we will come across the most requested unit, the chalet with a garden, offering a space from 60 square meters to 162 square meters. Then comes the villa units with a wide space of up to 490 square meters. The separate villa won the largest space among the units, with a range of up to 513 square meters. The twin house space starts from 320 square meters to 336 square meters. Lastly comes the Townhouse with 266 square meters.

The price range and payment system of the project

Alongside all the perfect features and details of this project, the developers provided a range of prices to suit all clients. The price differs according to the unit type and space:

  • Starting with a chalet with a garden price range of 10.9 Million EGP.
  • The separate villa cost about 31.6 million EGP.
  • The townhouse is for 15.7 million EGP.
  • And at the end comes the twin house, which ranges between 19.5 Million EGP to 20.9 Million EGP.

The payment system

The developers created two different payment plans. First, the clients must pay a 10% Deposit of the total unit price, then 5% after 6 months and the rest over 7 years. Then the second plan, which starts with a 10% deposit of the total price and 5% after 6 months but differs from the rest of the amount, is to be shared over 6 years. And the plan selection depends upon the unit type and total price.

The compound’s full space and best features for the clients

With the uniqueness of the waterway north coast compound comes the huge area to create as many services as possible. The project was originally developed on a space of 124 acres, shared between lush landscapes and buildings. The shared area and design of the compound is 84% of green landscape and 17% of buildings and internal roads. The project has private access to the beach extended over 429 Meters for more privacy and relaxation. This long beach allows all the units to overlook the sea with so much beauty and comfort when looking from the units.

Available services and features of the compound

The Waterway north coast creates a world of luxurious living and provides the residents with all they need. The developers cared about making the project a complete and fulfilled living community starting with:

  • The village has different sizes of swimming pools.
  • The landscapes around the project have many artificial lakes all around them.
  • A special zone for cafes and restaurants.
  • Spa, sauna and a gym with all modern equipment.
  • Commercial area with important shops.
  • A large mall that has a number of famous brands for shopping.

The waterway north coast developers

The developer’s company was founded in 2010 in the Egyptian real estate market. The company’s owners are Ahmed el Sewedy and Hossam Hassan, who have been working in real estate for a long time. For more than a decade, they have been working on providing the market with luxurious communities and creative projects.

To sum up, the Water way North Coast has simply created a world of quality and comfort for its clients. The project is developed with perfect details from natural styles, units and features. Starting from the location of the project space to the units’ different spaces as well.

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