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Luxury and sophistication converge at The Median Residence New Cairo, a distinguished residential project spanning an expansive 20 acres.

Situated in the heart of Cairo, this project is meticulously designed with a remarkable 74% of its space dedicated to greenery, artificial lakes, and recreational amenities, fostering a serene and elegant living experience.

The Median Residence Prime Location

EZAN Development strategically selected the project’s location, ensuring proximity to major roads and essential landmarks.

The Median Residence is conveniently positioned, being 9 km from Nasr City, 8 km from Heliopolis, and near City Stars, Cairo Festival City, and Cairo International Airport.

This strategic positioning enhances the project’s allure for discerning clients and investors seeking an opulent living space.

The Median Residence Unit Variety and Design

The Median Residence offers a diverse range of apartment sizes and layouts, catering to varied preferences.

From 1-room apartments with private gardens to spacious 3-room apartments, each unit is meticulously designed to balance privacy, calmness, and a connection with nature.

The units feature modern designs, with entrances adorned with porcelain floors, marble stairs, and advanced elevators, reflecting an emphasis on aesthetics and functionality.

The Median Residence Recreational Amenities

  • The Median Residence goes beyond mere housing, providing a comprehensive range of amenities for residents.
  • Sprawling green spaces, artificial lakes, and dedicated areas for barbecues and outdoor events create a harmonious environment.
  • A commercial mall, open gym, children’s entertainment area, and a social club contribute to a vibrant community experience.
  • The compound also boasts facilities for sports enthusiasts, including designated areas for football, tennis, basketball, and more.

The Median Residence Services and Infrastructure

Elevating the living experience, The Median Residence offers underground secured garages, 24/7 security, surveillance cameras, high-speed internet, a pharmacy, and periodic maintenance services.

A well-equipped health club with spa facilities and international restaurants further accentuates the project’s commitment to providing a holistic and integrated living environment.

The Median Residence Payment Plans

Ezan Development, with over 50 years of experience, presents The Median Residence at competitive prices and flexible payment plans, allowing a 5% down payment with the remaining balance payable over 10 years.

The Median Residence New Cairo exemplifies the epitome of luxurious living, combining aesthetics, functionality, and a sense of community. As part of Ezan Development’s commitment to excellence, this project stands as a testament to their dedication to providing integrated and upscale real estate solutions. For those seeking a residence that transcends the ordinary, The Median Residence sets a new standard in opulent living.

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