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The Icon Residence


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the icon residence compound, a new place represents the calm and beauty of both blue and green found in the water and wonderful landscape around us. with elegant facades and beautiful entrances, that took place in the heart of the new Cairo to be close to important landmarks in the city. find out more about this sophisticated urban community where dreams come true.

the icon residence compound’s special location in new Cairo

The Icon Residence

in the fifth settlement the heart of the new Cairo, the icon compound is located where you can reach roads like Suez, Ring, and Tessen Road in only minutes. the icon residence is also close to important places like Katemya Heights, AUC ad other prestigious Universities, the new administrative capital, and Hyde Park.

this strategic site distinguishes the place from other compounds as it is easily accessible and different from other places in structure and master plan.

architecture and design in the icon residence

in the fifth settlement, the compound was established over 54,600 square meters (13 acres) with a special building located facing new Cairo’s main streets.

from the first look at the place’s masterplan, you can see how it is well-oriented and articulated as a town inside another one. As for the facade of each building, the architects took the pleasure of making breathtaking mosaic designs of each unit to make the place more imaginary and fantastic.

The compound has 624 different units of apartments, duplexes and penthouses all surrounded by greeny spots and scenic landscapes. In contrast, some of the units look over artificial small lagoons that look amazing at night with the special lighting system the place has overnight.

each building has its own private pool on the roof and a small garden at the entrance, to maintain privacy in your own place.

for more information about the design and detail of the place, you can request the brochure for the place or ask for a tour in the icon through the website from here.

amenities and services you can enjoy in the Icon residence compound

the icon

the icon isn’t just special for its own location but also for its services. you can have your own garage, workspace, and a lot more.

  • security system like most of the other compounds around is provided with a full surveillance
  • system of cameras and personnel.
  • the place has its own hypermarket with the best brands and services to fulfil your needs.
  • it also has a commercial mall with a lot of international eateries and cloth brands nearby.
  • social club and nurseries.
  • special spots to support hobbies like tennis and paddle sports.
  • A gym equipped with the best fitness tools and machines.
  • multiple pharmacies and international care centers.
  • A huge garage to sustain the compound needs of parking spots for residency and visiting.
  • a fully- furnished and organized working space, with partitions or private room spaces.
  • A private walking area to do jogging and afternoon walks.
  • the compound has one of the finest international schools for kids and children.
  • A generator is ready to maintain the place’s lighting system in case of any shutdowns.

all this and a lot more amenities that make you feel comfortable in your own home.

prices and installment system in the icon residence compound

prices in the compound differ according to space, view, and location from the main streets, that and the fluctuations in the market of course.

the compound in new Cairo has 4 types of units there: penthouses, apartments, apartments with gardens, and duplexes.

  • the penthouses has sizes of 255 m², 222 m², 245 m² with price range between 4,4 to 4,9 million EGP.
  • the apartments came with lower prices and small sizes. A 175m² for 3,237,500 EGP and 4,255,000 EGP for a 230 m² apartment.
  • the apartments with gardens have a different unit size of 160m² for 3,2 million EGP and 210m² for four million EGP.

for the installment system, the company actually doesn’t ask for a deposit to book your own unit but the system only extends for 5 years, which makes it easy to have your dream home without obstacles of deposit.

the real estate company behind the icon

Style Home Development Company was established in 2002 by Eng. Hussein Mohamed Daoud, with his experience of 20 years in the market, during the period of the company’s work in Tanta. the company succeeded in making a real estate boom there, as the company delivered more than 500,000 meters of residential and commercial units in 16 of the finest residential buildings in Tanta.

and that success made her expand in Egypt regions to have projects in 5 cities across the country. the company aims towards excellence and precision in its buildings, which build a reputation of hard work to fulfill the client’s needs and make their dream home comes true.

the company developed many important projects like Badr Complex administrative, Tanta royal house, flower compound, star city compound, and tar towers sense of Elegance.


FAQ1: is the company behind the icon residence new Cairo trustworthy?

absolutely, the company has made it through 16 different projects only in Tanta city, and most of them are happy with their imaginary but came true homes that were made with steady architectural features.

FAQ2: what is the downside of living in the icon residence?

Except for the relatively narrow streets between some units, it is surely a good investment to buy a unit in the icon residence new cairo.

FAQ3: At what stage is the icon residence compound from delivery?

unfortunately, the compound is still under construction and hasn’t made it through delivery yet. but you can choose and pick your own unit which will be ready in the datable schedule.


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