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Think of a place right on the beach, near the splendid sun where you can enjoy and have fun thanks to the massive private beaches, which makes the salt north coast developed by tatweer misr a world of its own. wouldn’t that be great!

location and landmarks: why salt north coast is a good choice for you?

salt north cost

located at kilometer 185 in Ras El-hekma, one of the finest and most prestigious areas of north coast on alex-matrouh roadway. salt north coast has that very accessible position near both Fouka Road and Katameya Coast Project

and with 90% of their coastals and villas looking right over the sea, you will have a private beach of about 850m length to walk and feel the fresh air of north coast with all the privacy and freedom in the world.

What does it look like there?

with the massive experience salt tatweer masr had over the last years developing coastal regions. This time they decided to build more private and integrated spaces with a sense of elegance.

imagine 294.5 acres looking over an 850m beach with a depth of 2 meters and small gorgeous lagoons going around the chalets and villas everywhere.

The resort is divided into 4 areas: zone Z, zone B, zone A, and the first row of villas over the beach.

Each zone has its own set of units whether it is a chalet, villa, private condo, twin house or the special units with a large space of 350 square meters.

between these houses you will find small gardens, markets, private pools and so many other amenities that will make tatweer misr salt a perfect place to spend your vacations or your quality time with family.

services and amenities in salt north coast you can enjoy

Salt North Coast Village


In salt tatweer misr, excellent security with electronic gates and 24- watching guards is a necessity.
restaurants and cafes are located in the resort to be near each unit and found in each zone.
The information center in the resort is very helpful and cooperative.
utilities like electricity and lighting systems are structured in a modern way to keep the beauty of the place.


  • The resort has its own marina.
  • large commercial area and stores with many brands included.
  • spas, gyms, beauty centers.
  • So many green spaces around the beautiful lagoons surround you.
  • A CLUBHOUSE for the family where they can enjoy and have fun.
  • a special place for children to play and enjoy their time in safe places.

units vs. prices

prices in salt tatweer misr differ according to zone and type of unit. with a starting space of 95 square meters and prices of 4.6 million EGP.

In units looking over the sea, prices will be the highest with a range of 24 to 28 million for a four-bedroom or standalone villa. in zone K, you will find more diverse units with lower prices.

The prices vary according to many factors.

Two-bedroom chalets

start with 105 square meters and are priced of 5.4 million EGP.

3-bedroom chalets

start with spaces from 115 square meters and prices of 6 million Egyptian EGP.

A townhouse

with a space of 150 square meters and prices of 7.75 million EGP.

Standalone villas

with a space of 180 square meters, and prices of around 12.2 million EGP.

In zone A, prices start from 11 million for twin houses and standalone houses with 185 square meters in space. and if you aspire for an independent villa with massive space and many rooms, you can have one with 4 bedrooms for 14 million EGP.

In the farthest place from the sea, zone B, you can have a 3 or 4-bedroom chalet with lower prices of 3.75 and 4.5 million respectively.

Payment systems and installments

The policy of purchase in salt tatweer misr depends on paying 10% of your unit price in cash, and the rest you can pay according to your installment plan later. The company offers installment systems that extend up to 8 years.

You can book your own chalet with only 100,000 EGP.

Developers behind salt north coast

Although it has not been much in the market, tatweer misr after being founded in 2015 has become one of the most important companies in real estate development.

The Company Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tatweer Misr and Managing Director of the company. He was a former Minister of Housing and Professor of Urban Development. and a previous Chairman of the Egyptian Real Estate Council.
  • Eng. Hamada Food Industries is an Egyptian businessman and former head of the Chamber of Textile Industries
  • Engineer Ashraf Arafa, owner of Arafa Group.
  • Professor Mohamed Daoud, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

along with other engineers behind the scenes.


FAQ1: what makes salt north coast a special place?

The resort is looking over water and landscapes everywhere, very accessible with moderate prices compared to other places in the north coast.

FAQ2: How far is it from Cairo?

Recently, with the newly developed bridges, you can reach Ras EL-hekma in north coast in 2 hours max.

FAQ3: Is it affordable to have your own place there?

Yes, salt tatweer misr offers the best prices. You can book your own chalet paying only 10%, and pay the rest later with installments starting from 44,000 EGP for a 4,600,000 chalet.

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