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Revolve Mall new Cairo


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In the bustling heart of New Cairo, where creativity meets sophistication, stands the stunning Revolve Mall – a masterpiece brought to life by Eight Real Estate Development Company. With its innovative design, strategic location, and an array of services, Revolve Mall offers a golden opportunity for both investors and businesses. This blog will delve into the captivating features, diverse unit types, impeccable services, and flexible payment systems that make Revolve Mall a unique and promising destination.

Unveiling the Marvel: Revolve Mall

Revolve Mall new Cairo

Revolve Mall is not just another commercial establishment; it’s a haven of possibilities and growth. Spanning an impressive 15,000 square meters, the mall exudes modernity and elegance through its contemporary decorations and captivating exterior design. Its strategic location in New Cairo, merely a minute away from Al Rehab City, makes it easily accessible and highly visible to a vast audience.

Unit Variety and Excellence

The hallmark of Revolve Mall lies in its diverse unit offerings, catering to a wide spectrum of business needs. From commercial units to administrative offices, the mall provides a range of spaces that suit various purposes. The units start from a modest 35 square meters, ensuring that businesses of all scales can find a suitable space. The careful selection of unit types reflects the developer’s commitment to accommodating different business models under one roof.

Pricing That Makes Sense

Revolve Mall aims to make luxury and convenience attainable for all. The price per square meter starts from 64,000 EGP, presenting a competitive and reasonable rate for the upscale location and top-tier facilities offered by the mall. This accessible pricing structure opens doors for both established enterprises looking to expand and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking their first venture.

Flexible Payment System

Revolve Mall

Understanding the financial dynamics of businesses, Revolve Mall has introduced a flexible payment system. Prospective investors can secure their units with a reservation deposit starting from 10% up to 25%. The remaining amount can then be paid over a span of 9 years, distributing the financial commitment and alleviating the burden on businesses’ cash flow. This forward-thinking approach to payments reflects Revolve Mall’s dedication to fostering growth and sustainability.

Features of Revolve Mall

Revolve Mall introduces an exceptional array of features that redefine the standards for commercial and administrative spaces. By reserving your unit within the Revolve New Cairo project, you’re embarking on a journey enriched with European quality on Egyptian soil. This project encompasses a multitude of advantages that cater to the discerning customer’s needs, whether they are seeking commercial or administrative units. Here’s a glimpse into the remarkable features offered by Revolve Mall:

Prime Location

Revolve Mall, Fifth Settlement, is strategically situated in an enviable location that brings it in close proximity to renowned destinations, ensuring a surge in footfall and visits to the Revolve project. This advantageous positioning enhances the visibility and accessibility of the mall, generating increased business opportunities.

Exquisite Architectural Design

The architectural marvel of Revolve Mall is a testament to the ingenuity of a team comprising the most adept engineers and architects. Their collective expertise contributes to elevating the value of each unit, while also realizing the client’s aspirations and desires for their project. The intricate designs blend seamlessly to create a harmonious environment that beckons success.

Unparalleled Payment Systems

Revolve Fifth Settlement Mall sets a new benchmark in terms of pricing and payment systems, setting it apart from other projects in the market. This uniqueness translates into a golden opportunity for those astute enough to seize it. The affordability coupled with the flexible payment plans make ownership of a unit within the project a reality within reach.

Abundant Facilities and Services

For unit owners, Revolve Mall is a haven of convenience and entertainment. The comprehensive suite of facilities and services guarantees round-the-clock amusement and leisure. Clients can revel in the delightful amenities that enhance their experience and ensure a seamless operational journey.

Enchanting Water Features

Adding a touch of aesthetic allure to Revolve Mall, Fifth Settlement, has enchanting water fountains that captivate the senses and create a serene atmosphere. These elegant water features not only contribute to the visual appeal of the mall but also provide a sense of tranquility amidst the bustling environment.

Safe Haven for Young Ones

Revolve Mall recognizes the importance of catering to families. To this end, the mall boasts a secure and engaging play area for children. Outfitted with an array of recreational games, this space ensures that young visitors can indulge in joyful play while their guardians explore the offerings of the mall.

Exceptional Services at Your Fingertips

Revolve Mall isn’t just a space; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to facilitate success. The array of facilities and services available within the mall creates an environment conducive to growth and convenience. Whether it’s state-of-the-art security measures, efficient maintenance services, or cutting-edge technological integration, Revolve Mall prioritizes providing an unparalleled experience for both businesses and visitors.

About the Developer

Eight Real Estate Development Company stands out as a prominent player in the real estate sector, operating under the Investment Authority’s umbrella. Founded in 2017, it is a key member of the ARO Holding conglomerate. Over time, it has achieved remarkable success, earning a distinguished position among Egypt and the Arab world’s top real estate development firms. The company’s achievements include the successful completion of 52 projects within Al Rehab City and the Fifth Settlement, in addition to 9 ongoing ventures. Its strong reputation for fulfilling commitments has garnered a substantial and loyal customer base.

The brainchild of Eight Real Estate Development Company, Revolve Mall encapsulates the developer’s commitment to excellence and innovation. The meticulous attention to detail, from the architectural design to the flexible payment options, reflects the developer’s understanding of modern business needs and aspirations. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a track record of successful projects, Eight Real Estate Development Company is poised to elevate the standards of commercial spaces.

Revolve Mall, Fifth Settlement, is more than a commercial space; it’s a testament to innovation, convenience, and growth. With its prime location, varied unit types, affordable pricing, and flexible payment system, it beckons businesses to step into an environment that nurtures success. As a beacon of modernity in New Cairo, Revolve Mall stands ready to welcome entrepreneurs, businesses, and visionaries into a world where creativity thrives, sophistication flourishes, and opportunities abound. Embrace the future of business at Revolve Mall.

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