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Pyramids City new capital

Pyramids City new capital

In the heart of Egypt’s ambitious New Administrative Capital, a beacon of sophistication and opportunity rises – Pyramids City. This extraordinary compound, also known as Pyramids Mall, represents the epitome of modern urban living, offering an array of features, unit types, services, and a flexible payment system that is set to revolutionize real estate investment. Join us as we delve into the remarkable facets that make Pyramids City a must-explore destination.

Prime Location: A Gateway to Prosperity

The crown jewel of Pyramids City is its strategic location within the New Administrative Capital. Positioned across from the esteemed Al Masa Hotel and in proximity to the enchanting Green River, Pyramids City takes center stage in the dynamic Downtown area. This enviable location ensures the project’s success, attracting visitors, residents, and investors alike.

A glance at the surrounding areas reveals the allure of Pyramids City’s position:

  • Green River: Nature’s serenity at your doorstep.
  • Central Region: The hub of New Capital’s activities.
  • Diplomatic Quarter: Hosting global interactions.
  • Business District: The nerve center of commerce.
  • Government District: Power and governance converge.
  • Exhibition Zone: A showcase of innovation.
  • Residential Districts: Flourishing neighborhoods.

Diverse Unit Types: Tailored for Success

Pyramids City prides itself on diversity, offering unit types that cater to various business endeavors. These include:

Commercial Units

Embrace the vibrant energy of the mall’s ground floor, dedicated exclusively to commercial spaces. From chic boutiques to trendy cafes, this is the bustling heart of Pyramids City.

Administrative Units

For those seeking a professional setting, administrative offices provide an ideal space for productivity and innovation.

Medical Clinics

Wellness meets convenience with state-of-the-art medical clinics, catering to the health needs of the community.

Elegance in Design

Spanning an impressive 45,000 square meters, Pyramids City harmoniously blends functionality and aesthetics. The complex comprises several floors, each meticulously designed to provide a unique experience. The ground floor, abuzz with commercial activity, sets the tone for what lies above.

What sets Pyramids City apart is its luxury-driven design. Drawing inspiration from international malls, the architects have imbued the complex with opulence and sophistication. This meticulous planning reflects the dedication of a team of experts, resulting in a project that astounds both customers and investors.

The Allure of Investment: Unveiling the Payment System

Pyramids City isn’t just a development; it’s an investment opportunity that promises remarkable returns. The pricing structure is designed to be flexible and accommodating, ensuring accessibility to various budgets. The cost per square meter ranges from 110,000 EGP to a maximum of 130,000 EGP, making it a competitive and enticing proposition.

In addition, Pyramids City is committed to facilitating investment through a seamless payment system. The process entails a 10% down payment, followed by installments spread across a comfortable 10-year period, all without incurring interest. This unique approach empowers investors to embark on a journey of growth and prosperity.

Services and Features in Pyramids Mall New Capital

As you venture into the world of Pyramids Mall in the New Administrative Capital, you’ll quickly realize that this development isn’t just about real estate; it’s about offering a comprehensive lifestyle. The services and features within Pyramids Mall encompass a spectrum of offerings, ranging from essential amenities to exhilarating recreational experiences. Let’s delve into the myriad reasons why Pyramids Mall is an investment opportunity unlike any other.

Infrastructure and Essential Facilities

One of the standout advantages of Pyramids Mall lies in its location within the New Capital, a city teeming with well-established infrastructure and essential facilities. With access to reliable electricity, water, and communication networks, investors can rest assured that a strong foundation backs their investment. Regular maintenance further solidifies the commitment to providing a high return on investment, making Pyramids Mall a cornerstone of this national project.

Expedited Delivery and Water Skiing Extravaganza

The timeline for delivering Pyramids Mall units is a testament to efficiency. Within just 2.5 years from the contract date, investors can anticipate the realization of their investment. Moreover, Pyramids Mall boasts a distinctive attachment to the largest water-skiing venue in all of Egypt, further enhancing the recreational offerings available to both visitors and unit owners.

Unparalleled Payment Systems and Business Amenities

Pyramids Mall introduces innovative payment systems that stand as a testament to the project’s commitment to investor success. These systems are carefully designed to cater to various financial capabilities, ensuring accessibility and flexibility. The presence of various meeting rooms within the complex provides a space for business interactions and collaborations, further solidifying Pyramids Mall as a thriving hub of commerce.

Aesthetic Marvels and Entertainment Extravaganza

The architectural finesse displayed throughout Pyramids Mall is a testament to the meticulous planning and design that went into its creation. The presence of a unique dancing fountain adds a touch of wonder and spectacle to the atmosphere, offering visitors a captivating visual experience.

Convenience and Spiritual Fulfillment

The inclusion of a fully equipped supermarket within Pyramids Mall caters to the daily needs of visitors and unit owners alike, ensuring convenience at every turn. Moreover, a sprawling mosque spanning 68 acres provides a space for spiritual reflection and connection within the bustling atmosphere.

Security and Extravagant Amenities

Security and surveillance are paramount within Pyramids Mall, with personnel and cameras ensuring a safe and secure environment at all times. Luxurious architectural designs define the buildings, setting a tone of grandeur throughout.

Ample parking spaces are available, offering visitors and unit owners a secure place to park their vehicles. Cinemas within Pyramids Mall provide an avenue for both shopping and entertainment, enriching the overall experience.

Culinary Delights and Refined Ambiance

The dining experience at Pyramids Mall is a true embodiment of luxury. Lavish cafes offer impeccable service in a luxurious ambiance, inviting patrons to indulge in exquisite treats. The restaurants mirror this extravagance, serving up delectable menus and a diverse array of cuisines that cater to every palate.

Accessibility and Green Harmony

Multiple entrances to Pyramids Mall ensure a smooth flow of visitors and prevent overcrowding. Electric escalators and elevators within the buildings further enhance accessibility, making it easy for everyone to navigate the complex.
Amidst the architecture and activity, green spaces surround the buildings, providing a refined and harmonious landscape that seamlessly integrates nature with modernity.

All-Age Entertainment and Culmination of Excellence

Pyramids Mall is the epitome of entertainment, with activities catering to visitors of all ages. From children to adults, everyone can find something to engage and captivate their senses within these walls.

Why Pyramids City? Your Gateway to Success

By choosing Pyramids City, you’re not only securing a space within Egypt’s grandest national project but also unlocking unparalleled opportunities for financial growth and personal fulfillment. Here’s why Pyramids City stands out:

Strategic Location

Positioned for prominence, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility.

Diverse Unit Types

Tailored to accommodate a spectrum of businesses and services.

Luxurious Design

A marriage of elegance and functionality that leaves a lasting impression.


A pricing structure and payment system designed for your success.

About the Developer

The company’s name is rooted in its commitment to offering superior investment strategies and principles that every investor can depend on to ensure the success of their investment endeavors. These principles encompass various qualities such as professionalism, extensive experience, realism, accountability, expertise, creativity, diversity, and sustainability, this positions Pyramids Company as a trailblazer in advancing the real estate sector.

Pyramids has a diverse investment portfolio and has initiated a range of ten distinct projects (including residential, administrative, commercial, hotel, and tourism ventures) in prominent investment cities across Egypt. Notably, nine of these projects are situated in the new capital, featuring developments like La Capital Compound, Grand Square Mall, Paris East Mall, La Capital Suite Lagoons, Champs Elysees Mall, Paris Mall, Pyramids Mall, Pyramids Business Tower, and Pyramids City – the largest commercial and recreational complex in the Administrative Capital. The tenth project, named Sky City, is located in Galala and represents the city’s first combined residential, touristic, and investment compound. This expansion has unlocked new investment opportunities suitable for a wide range of investors.

Pyramids City is more than a mere development; it’s an embodiment of luxury, innovation, and investment potential. As you explore the bustling commercial units, the thriving administrative spaces, and the modern medical clinics, you’ll realize that Pyramids City isn’t just a place – it’s a testament to Egypt’s progressive vision and a springboard for your future success. Seize the opportunity, embrace the elegance, and thrive in Pyramids City.

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