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Nyoum October compound


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Nyoum October, a visionary project crafted by Arab developers, stands as a remarkable compound between modern buildings. With unwavering dedication, this compound creation represents a harmonious blend of innovation and cultural authenticity. Nestled within its confines, a vibrant community flourishes, embracing contemporary living while cherishing traditional values. Nyoum October embodies an enchanting mixture of modern architecture, lush landscapes, and thoughtfully curated amenities, offering residents a truly exceptional lifestyle. In the Nyoum October compound, Arab developers take care of every little detail, from serene parks to state-of-the-art facilities. Every aspect has been carefully designed to foster well-being and connectivity.

The luxurious details and style of Nyoum October

Nyoum October is created to represent hotel community style, with all the imaginary perfect details you can find in a five stars hotel. The project was first known as Porto October but then got updated by the Arab developers. The developers make the compound more than just a house or a building to live in, they are making it a home with all the perfect details. Starting from the privacy offered to all the residents and also the well-secured system of the compound. Nyoum October compound is developed to suit different needs that meet a huge range of clients.

Where is the location of the Nyoum October compound

Nyoum October, strategically located in Cairo, in the heart of the 6th of October city, is considered one of the most outstanding compounds in the city. Nyoum October compound is developed on an approximate space of 1,381,925 square meters. The compound is too close to Juhayna Square, only about 15 minutes away. Residents of Nyoum October don’t need to consume too much time leaving the compound or moving from and to the compound. The compound is mostly close to the important landmarks & active areas in the 6th of October city.

The surrounding landmarks of the Nyoum October compound

The vital location of Nyoum October makes it only a few minutes away from active main roads and important landmarks. The compound location is around 20 minutes away from the new airport of Sphinx. Nyoum October compound also has direct access on the axis of the central regional road. The compound also offers three gates designed as an immediate way to Gamal Abd-el Nasser Street, Dahshour Street, and the boulevard axis. Nyoum October is also close to other important compounds such as mountain view city, the shooting club, and also Mall of Arabia.

The best features and services provided in Nyoum compound October

Nyoum October compound, with its unique and outstanding style, was developed to provide its clients with a full package of fabulous services. The compound provides a wide range of exclusive entertaining options for all family members regardless of their age. This project of Arab developers holding includes different features such as medical services, malls, schools, playgrounds, and sports areas. The residents literally don’t need to leave the compound, only for rare occasions, as they have all that they need.

Nyoum October’s Best features and services such as:

  • Huge spaces to separate between the residential units on the compound for better privacy.
  • A number of international and national cafes and restaurants.
  • Special playground space as a kid’s area for the most usage of the place for children.
  • More than 2 huge malls for all the shopping needed.
  • The compound is also provided with medical services and international hospitals.
  • It also has three international schools, which are so special among other compounds.
  • A beautiful dancing fountain for the better of the view.
  • A huge riding area for horses and practices.
  • An outstanding spa and gym with the most modern types of equipment.

What are the available units and spaces in Nyoum October?

Arab holders made sure that Nyoum October would be the best compound and to invade the Egyptian real estate market with this project. The compound not only provides residential units for families but also has working buildings and spaces.

Residential units space and range

For the available units, first, we start with apartments that come with a space range of 68 square meters to 243 square meters. Then we have apartments with gardens with 70 or 243 square meters of space. Third, we have the villa unit with a space range between 183 square meters to 370 square meters.

And for the commercial part

We have in this part two different units; first comes the stores, which have space between 56 square meters and 132 square meters. And the last unit type for businessmen and entrepreneurs is offices, which have a space range between 85 square meters and 125 square meters.

The prices of Nyoum October units and the payment system:

The compound strategy for pricing is to provide a large scale of prices to suit different client’s needs, from the very small units to the largest ones with a fancy garden. Each of the available units has its own pricing system according to location and unit space. The price range for each unit is as follows:

  • The Apartment price starts at 1,7 Million to 4.5 Million EGP.
  • The apartment with the garden price is 1,6 million to 7.2 Million EGP.
  • Villas have the highest rate between 7,9 to 14,5 Million EGP.
  • The stores and offices range between 5.5 to 12.6 Million EGP.

The payment system:

Nyoum October has a special payment plan for the best comfort of the clients. First, they need to start paying 5% of the total price upon contracting; then, they will pay 5% over 3 months. Then after years, 5% is needed, and the rest of the amount will be shared over 8 years with free interest.

The Arab developer holding important projects

Present in the Egyptian real estate market for about 16 years, they developed some important projects in the market, such as Nyoum New Cairo, sia ain sokhna, sia match, and Nyoum pyramids. They collaborate with the best companies to provide their projects with the most modern technologies and features.

In conclusion, Nyoum October is more than just a compound; it has all the needed features and services; it comes as a 5-star residential compound for the best of the clients. You will find all the suitable units and payment systems with free interest.

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