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Nyoum Mostakbal City


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Nyoum Mostakbal city is the most recent project for Arab developers holding. They developed the compound with attention to each possible detail, including so many different unit designs. The compound introduces the best homogeneous blend of modern entertainment, technology-connected systems and a touristic sense.

Working with the rank one international companies made the compound compete with the best projects in New Cairo. They raise their level of luxury and excellence every day for their clients, making sure you will find whatever you are looking for.

Nyoum Mostakbal location and landmarks

Nyoum Mostakbal City

Nyoum Mostakbal has been developed by Arab holding in a very vital location and easily accessed. The compound is located on Cairo-Suez Road between kilo 46 and kilo 51. The location is easily accessed by the regional and middle Ring roads as well, and it’s only 10 mins away from New Cairo and the fifth settlement. It has been provided with a smart technology system and full facilities for its client comfort.

Surrounding landmarks

The compound location is close to Al Amal Road, the new administrative capital and Cairo international airport. Also, you only need 45 mins approximately to reach Ain Sokhna city and around 30 mins to Downtown Cairo.

The city is also so close to some important educational Egyptian institutions such as the American University in Cairo, which is a huge privilege for college students.

Nyoum Mostakbal city features, units, and prices range

The Compounds’s best features

The city has a very promising future with all the features and services that developers provide for their clients. The city has been developed on a space of 635,502 square meters, with different types of units and spaces. The city has a huge space covered in green for a greener community, and it has a golf course for the best of its clients.

Besides the golf course, there are a number of swimming pools designed for children’s safety and adults’ as well.

The whole compound has full team security 24 hrs a day and is completely supported by a security camera system.

Compound units type and price range:

The developers made sure the city had various units between apartments and villas.

– The apartment space starts from 58 square meters and changes according to the client’s need up to 103 square meters.
– Villas’ space ranges between 106 square meters to 384 square meters.
– The price is calculated per meter and starts from 17,000 EGP., and the net price for apartments with 67 square meters is 1,643,000 EGP.
– The villas start from 5,320,000 EGP for 106 square meters.

And for the payment system, you can pay a percentage and the rest installment over 10 years. With that system, you can select and pay for your unit in your favorite appropriate way.

Nyoum Mostakbal by Arab developers holding company

Arab developers have been present in the Egyptian real estate market for more than 16 years. They are not only working in Egypt but also have market share in Jordan and Morocco. They developed many outstanding and luxurious projects, Nyoum New Cairo and Nyoum Mostakbal.

Nyoum Mostakbal city has been remarkably developed on a very high level of uniqueness and beauty. The Arab holding also developed two shopping malls in their projects, which have high standards and modern security techniques.

In conclusion, Nyoum Mostakbal is a remarkable destination for whoever is looking for a high-standard luxurious life. The city is furnished with modern technology, high-security systems and the best entertainment features. The Arab developers holding has also made sure to provide their clients with a comfortable installment system with different methods and various varieties of units type.

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