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North Plus Mall

North Plus Mall is one of several service projects executed by Catalysts Developments Company. Own shops, a clinic, or an office with all the attached services. Seated in New Cairo City, the mall is considered a full commercial and business hub and the perfect place for non-residential investment.

The location of the Mall and landmarks nearby

North Plus Mall is located in the 5th settlement, New Cairo. More precisely, it sits on the Northern 90th Road directly opposing the Waterway 2 Complex. The developer of the Centre was keen on establishing it in the middle of a residential community, to make sure of his project’s success. As such, the mall is located near Mivida Compound, Waterway Complex, Al Safwa Compound, Moon Valley Residence and Porto New Cairo Compound.

Famous Landmarks that are close to North Plus Mall

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  • The AUC is only 3 minutes away.
  • Cairo International Airport is 20 minutes away.
  • Al Narges and Al Lotus Districts are in the neighbourhood.
  • Al Rehab City.
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis, The Ring Road, and Suez Road are all close.
  • The New Administrative Capital.

The design and architect of North Plus Mall New Cairo

The Mall is constructed over an area of 10 thousand square metres or a bit more. It consists mainly of an underground garage, a ground floor, 4 identical consecutive service floors and finally an upper roof floor. This multiple-story building is divided into units of different areas.

North Plus Mall has a distinguished interior and exterior design. It’s privileged with a reflecting-glass facade in addition to the green space, water bodies and fountains within the units. A well-calculated distance is kept between the units in order to maintain privacy, convenience and calmness in the mall. The entrance, halls and floors are in marble and porcelain while the ceilings are painted from Joutin. All the units, as well, have high-end finishing with the best material.

The units and their spaces

This Centre is a non-residential complex, thus all the units are service units. North Plus Mall offers three types of units, which are:

  • Commercial Units as Shops
  • Medical Units as Clinics
  • Administrative Units

The range of areas starts at 72 square metres and up to 938 square metres. The clinics start at 72 square metres, the shops at 145 square metres and the administrative units at 155 square metres.

The policy of Catalyst Developments Corporation allows the customer to own two successive units and open them into one. On the other hand, some units are wide enough and can fit even headquarters.

Features and facilities in North Plus Mall

  • Two-story underground parking, which is divided into customers’ lots and private lots for the owners.
  • 24/7 security service with guards and surveillance cameras.
  • Elevators and escalators.
  • Modern automatic fire system.
  • Central air conditioning system.
  • A series of pharmacies to serve the medical community and clinics of the mall.
  • Multiple international brands hold units in the Centre.
  • A gigantic Hypermarket for all household needs.
  • A Gym and Fitness Club.
  • Cafes, restaurants and a food court.
  • Open-air areas with green landscapes and fountains to enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Electronic entrance and exit gates.
  • Large conference and meeting rooms for rental or for the owners.

The prices and payment methods offered by Catalyst Developments

The price per square metre is diverse from one spot to another within the same area in North Plus Mall. This depends on a list of factors including:

  • The type of the unit, whether it is an office, a shop, a clinic, or other.
  • The floor.
  • The location within the floor.
  • The area of the unit.

However, we can give you an estimation of the prices as follows

  • Clinics start at 4.6 Million Egyptian pounds and up to 18 Million Egyptian Pounds.
  • Shops start at 22.8 Million Egyptian Pounds.
  • Offices’ prices range from 8 to 8.5 Million Egyptian Pounds.
  • Administrative Units start at 12.3 Million Egyptian Pounds.
  • Units are also available for rental. For instance, Clinics up to 80 square metres are offered for a range of 39 to 42 thousand Egyptian Pounds per month.

N.B. Prices may vary; For accurate details and prices, please contact our Call Centre.

Available payment methods

The installment system is the method approved by the developing company to pay for the units in the North Plus Mall.

Pay 30% of the total cost in advance as a down payment, then complete the rest in equal installments over 2 years monthly; in other words, in 48 installments.

The first installment is to be paid one month after the contracts, and all the units have been ready to be delivered since 2021. Clinics and shops are delivered fully finished.

About the developer of North Plus Mall

The Centre is one of the projects of Catalyst Developments Company, the first non-residential real estate firm in Egypt. It specialized in this branch of the field and has mastered it in the market.
The company holds an experience of more than 20 years and offers comprehensive facility management as well as professional real estate consultancy.

Other projects by Catalyst Developments

The company specializes in retail, commercial, and administrative buildings. Moreover, clinics and medical hubs. Therefore, its projects serve these fields, and they are:

  • Ozone Healthcare District 5th Settlement
  • Cairo Capital Centre
  • Elegantry Business Hub
  • Business Plus
  • North Plus New Cairo

FAQs about the project

Where is the mall located?

Mall North Plus is located in the 5th settlement, New Cairo City. It has a unique spot on Northern 90th Road in front of Waterway 2 Mall.

What are the units offered within the Centre and their areas?

This complex is a non-residential complex. So, the units offered in North Plus Mall are commercial shops, clinics, administrative units and offices.The spaces start at 72 square metres for shops and clinics and start at 145 square metres for offices.

What are the prices and payment plans?

Catalyst Developments Corporation offers a wide range of prices that start at 4.6 Million Egyptian Pounds and up to 22 Million Egyptian Pounds or more. Prices vary according to the specifications of the unit. As for the payment plan, pay 30% as a down payment then complete the cost over 48 equal installments.

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