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Mountain View Chillout Park


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A luxurious residential compound in the heart of 6 October City Mountain View Chillout Park. Developed by the renowned Mountain View Development, this compound offers a tranquil and peaceful living experience in a sprawling space of 229 acres. With a variety of unit types, flexible payment systems, and a perfect location, Chillout Park is the perfect place to call home. Let’s delve into the captivating features, unit types, and payment systems offered by this exceptional compound.

Unit Types and Spaces

Mountain View Chillout Park

Mountain View Chillout Park offers a diverse range of unit types to accommodate different preferences and lifestyles. Here are the unit types available within the compound: 


 These spacious and elegant villas offer a luxurious living experience. Ranging from 279 square meters to 386 square meters, Villas provide ample space for families to enjoy a comfortable and modern lifestyle.


 With stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, penthouses in Chillout Park provide an elevated living experience. These stylish units offer generous space and are designed to offer residents a sense of exclusivity.

Twin Houses

 Ideal for those seeking a balance between privacy and community living, twin houses offer spacious layouts and are perfect for growing families. These units provide a harmonious blend of privacy and social interaction.


 Designed for those seeking a contemporary and cozy living space, townhouses in Mountain View Chillout Park are thoughtfully crafted to offer comfort and functionality. These units provide a sense of community while maintaining privacy.

Flexible Payment Systems

Chillout Park

The compound offers flexible payment systems to make the dream of owning a home within the compound more accessible. Here are the payment systems for each unit type:


 Enjoy the flexibility of a 10% down payment, with the remaining balance payable over 7 years through convenient installments.


 With a 10% down payment, residents can take advantage of a payment plan spread over 6 years, making owning a townhouse more manageable.

Twin Houses

 Invest in a twin house with a 10% down payment, followed by a payment plan spanning 4 years.

Exceptional Features of Chillout Park Compound

Mountain View, the developer of the compound  Mountain View Chillout Park, has introduced numerous remarkable features that set the residents of this compound apart from others. The company’s focus on providing enjoyment and recreation for individuals of all ages is evident, and we will now explore these features in more detail:

Green landscapes

The Mountain View Chillout Park compound offers a visually appealing setting with its green areas, man-made lakes, and cascades, providing residents with a serene atmosphere and promoting a peaceful state of mind.

Stunning design 

The units in Chillout Park boast a unique design, meticulously crafted by professional engineers in a stunning and elegant style, ensuring a sophisticated living experience within the compound.

With the Chillout Park project, residents can escape the crowd of the city and embrace a serene and pollution-free lifestyle.

Diversity accommodation 

The exceptional diversity of units in the Mountain View Chillout Park project provides investors with an excellent opportunity to select the perfect unit that suits their preferences and requirements.


The clever utilization of spaces between units guarantees a high level of privacy within the Mountain View Chillout Park project, enhancing the residents’ overall living experience.

A sprawling 60-acre central garden has been allocated, showcasing a wide array of vibrant roses, beautiful trees, and various recreational and social activities for the residents to enjoy within the Mountain View Chillout Park compound.

Outstanding Services 

In addition to the company’s focus on location, spacious units, and unit types, Mountain View has provided numerous features and exclusive services that greatly contribute to the comfort and entertainment of customers across all age groups. The company prioritizes safety and privacy, ensuring that customers can enjoy a secure and serene environment. These services include:

  •  A dedicated 24-acre area for activities like cycling, walking, and running, promoting a healthy lifestyle within the Chillout Park compound.
  • An abundance of swimming pools cater to both adults and children, with separate covered pools for ladies, ensuring everyone can enjoy a refreshing swim at Mountain View compound.
  • Spa centers, Jacuzzis, and saunas are available within the compound, providing residents with relaxation and recreation options.
  • The presence of numerous commercial centers within Mountain View Chillout Park offers shopping enthusiasts access to the finest and most renowned international brands.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and full HD screens, the compound’s cinemas ensure residents can indulge in entertainment and enjoy the latest movies within Mountain View Chillout Park.
  • A wide selection of restaurants and cafes are available within the compound, catering to different tastes and providing residents with a diverse range of delicious cuisine options at Mountain View Chillout Park.
  • Beauty centers are conveniently located within the compound, allowing residents to unwind and indulge in leisure activities at Mountain View Chillout Park.
  • Medical centers equipped with the latest equipment and staffed by skilled doctors from various fields are readily accessible at Chillout Park.
  • Efficient systems such as fire extinguishing units are in place to prevent any potential problems and ensure a safe environment within the compound.
  • Private garages are provided for all units, offering residents convenience, and privacy, and avoiding overcrowding that may inconvenience the community in Mountain View Chillout Park.
  • Engaging in recreational activities such as yoga, meditation, and communing with nature is made possible within the compound, promoting a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Special venues are designated for hosting various parties and social events, fostering a sense of community and allowing all residents to come together within Chillout Park compound.

About the Developer

Mountain View, a leading private property development company in Egypt, is at the forefront of development and real estate investment, driven by innovation. With a specialization in creating top-notch residential properties and resorts, Mountain View has successfully undertaken more than ten projects in prime locations across Egypt, including Red Sea Coast, west and east Cairo, and the North Coast.

 Their projects attract both local and international investors, as Mountain View maintains international quality standards and collaborates with highly skilled engineering and design firms and consultants to deliver innovative projects that enhance the user experience. Whether it’s through unique themes, exceptional landscaping, or the latest technology, Mountain View’s projects are unrivaled in terms of value and quality.

Importantly, Mountain View’s commitment goes beyond project completion. They work closely with reputable property and community management companies, appointing them as estate managers, to ensure vibrant communities thrive in all their developments.

Mountain View Chillout Park is a remarkable residential compound that offers a harmonious blend of luxury, tranquility, and convenience. With its extensive green spaces, captivating features, and diverse unit types, it provides residents with a unique living experience in the heart of 6 October City. The flexible payment systems offered by Mountain View Development further contribute to the accessibility and appeal of this exceptional compound. Whether you’re looking for a spacious villa, an exclusive penthouse, or a cozy townhouse, Mountain View Chillout Park has something to suit every lifestyle. 

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