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If you’re dreaming of a tranquil seaside retreat with luxurious living spaces, breathtaking views, and a host of modern amenities, look no further than the exquisite compound known as Marrasi. Nestled along the North Coast, this project, aptly named Marassi, is a stunning creation by the renowned developer Emaar Company. With its Mediterranean-inspired architecture, diverse unit types, and a payment system designed for convenience, Marassi north coast promises to be a haven for those seeking the ultimate in beachfront living.

Unveiling Marassi: Where Mediterranean Dreams Come True

Marassi is more than just a resort; it’s a testament to modern architectural excellence combined with the charm of Mediterranean aesthetics. This sprawling 1455-acre project, located at kilometer 125 on the North Coast, stands as a symbol of luxury and elegance. Its prime location grants residents easy access to the azure waters and sandy beaches of the North Coast, creating an ideal setting for relaxation and recreation.

Diverse Unit Types to Suit Your Lifestyle

Marassi north coast offers a diverse range of unit types, ensuring that every resident finds their perfect home within this idyllic compound.


Ranging from 73 square meters to an impressive 480 square meters, these apartments cater to individuals, couples, and small families. The cleverly designed spaces offer both comfort and style, with options to suit various preferences.

Town Houses

With spaces starting from 232 square meters up to 327 square meters, townhouses in Marassi provide more room for families looking for a harmonious blend of privacy and community living.

Twin Houses

These houses, starting from a spacious 363 square meters, offer even more room for larger families or those who simply desire more living space.


Escape to your private beachside haven with Marassi’s chalets for sale. These units are designed to provide an exceptional holiday experience with stunning views and premium amenities.


For those seeking the ultimate in luxury and space, Marassi’s villas, ranging from 322 square meters to an expansive 785 square meters, offer a lavish lifestyle with unparalleled comfort.

A Glimpse into the Payment System

Marassi North Coast

Marassi north coast recognizes that investing in a dream home should be as convenient as it is exciting. The payment system for Marassi is designed to provide potential homeowners with flexibility and ease.

  • First Down payment (5%): Your journey to owning a piece of Marassi begins with a minimal first downpayment. This initial step not only secures your unit but also allows you to become a part of this exclusive community.
  • Second Down payment (10%): Following the first down payment, a second installment of 10% sets you firmly on the path to calling Marassi your own.
  • Installments up to 6 Years: Marassi understands the importance of spreading the financial commitment over time. With installment options available for up to 6 years, you can embark on your new chapter without the burden of immediate financial strain.

The Marassi Lifestyle: More Than Just a Residence

Marassi is not just about its elegant units and convenient payment system. It’s a lifestyle destination that offers an array of services, amenities, and an atmosphere that encourages well-being and recreation.

Beaches of Marassi north coast

Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches that stretch along the North Coast. Marassi provides a retreat where you can soak up the sun, swim, or simply take in the tranquil surroundings.


From housekeeping to security, Marassi offers an array of services to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.


Indulge in a range of amenities that cater to your active lifestyle. From sports facilities to spa treatments, Marassi is designed to enhance every aspect of your well-being.


Marassi isn’t just a project; it’s a community. Interact with like-minded individuals, engage in social activities, and forge lasting connections with neighbors who share your affinity for luxury living.

Marassi’s Array of Properties

Within the confines of Marassi lie a remarkable collection of 23 distinct residential communities, each boasting an array of dwelling options spanning from apartments to exclusive villas. Every community bears its unique theme, essence, and architectural style, meticulously designed to complement the character of each village.

Residences Along the Marina

Marina Front Residences

Marina Front Residences, a haven of exquisite apartments and duplexes, gazes upon the marina, bestowing a breathtaking living experience.

Unrivaled Coastal Living


Embracing coastal living at its zenith, Altea offers an assortment of duet and town villas that epitomize the quintessence of seaside opulence.

Crafting a Personalized Summer Haven


Crafted to be your personalized summer sanctuary, Faya’s selection of apartments guarantees a bespoke resort experience like no other.

An Oasis of Summer Tranquility


Lea, an oasis of summer tranquility, presents an ensemble of apartments that embody the essence of a serene retreat.

Where Summer Dreams Blossom

Skaia: a Marassi north coast community

A summer paradise where dreams flourish, Skaia introduces duet villas and town villas that echo the spirit of a blissful vacation.

Discover Your Address at Marassi Bay

Marassi Bay

Unearth your new address at Marassi Bay, a compilation of elegant villas that redefine coastal living.

A Vista of Golfing Splendor

Riva Golf

Gazing upon golf vistas, Riva Golf unveils villas that cater to the aficionados of the sport and the beauty of the game.

A Glimpse of Authentic Greek Ambiance

Infused with authentic Greek ambiance, The Village offers a selection of apartments and townhouses that embody the spirit of Greece.

Within Marassi’s expansive landscape, these properties stand as testaments to luxury, each community telling a unique story through its architecture, views, and atmosphere. With an assortment of living options, Marassi caters to a diverse range of preferences, ensuring that every resident finds their perfect haven within this Mediterranean-inspired paradise.

About the Developer of marassi north coast

Revolutionizing lifestyles since 1997, immerse yourself in a realm of luxurious existence and dynamic elegance through Emaar’s prestigious and exceptional residential areas. Maintaining its status as one of the globe’s largest and most forward-thinking real estate developers, Emaar Misr commemorates over 15 years of achievements with its exceptional gated communities nestled in Egypt’s most exclusive and picturesque destinations: Uptown Cairo in central Cairo, Mivida in New Cairo, Marassi on the North Coast, and Cairo Gate in the western part of Cairo. Crafting neighborhoods that redefine living standards with unparalleled quality, prioritizing your desires and ambitions above all. This endeavor goes beyond merely constructing thriving localities that mirror the “Good Life” you merit; it also involves cultivating vibrant and wholesome communities that seamlessly blend sophistication and the quest for excellence.

Marassi is a testament to luxury, elegance, and the art of seaside living. With its diverse unit types, ranging from cozy apartments to sprawling villas, and a flexible payment system, Marassi welcomes a wide spectrum of individuals and families seeking a Mediterranean-inspired haven. It’s not just about owning a property; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that combines tranquility, recreation, and community. So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of the North Coast, Marassi beckons you to turn your dreams into reality. Your Marrasi dream is waiting—seize the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of coastal living.

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