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La Nuova Vista


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La Nuova Vista is a groundbreaking real estate development in New Cairo, Egypt, that aims to revolutionize contemporary living. With its amazing location area, this visionary project offers a diverse range of different residential properties set among lush greenery and cutting-edge amenities. La Nuova Vista is committed to fostering a harmonious community by prioritizing tranquility and safety.

This project integrates innovative eco-conscious technologies and practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Its strategic location provides convenient access to essential services, educational institutions, and an array of recreational offerings. La Nuova Vista presents an exceptional opportunity for every looking for a luxurious lifestyle.

La Nuova Vista compound location

La Nuova Vista, developed by Misr Italia, and driven by its commitment to providing unparalleled luxury and happiness, strategically selected a prime location for its project. La Nuova Vista, located in the captivating Fifth Settlement, a vibrant hub within the capital, enjoys seamless access to key destinations.

The compound benefits from its proximity to Teseen Street, a bustling commercial district, and is surrounded by over 25 residential compounds. This ideal positioning creates a fusion of accessibility and exclusivity, elevating the La Nuova Vista experience to new heights.

La Nuova Vista compound Nearby landmarks

La Nuova Vista is near Teseen Street, a vibrant commercial hub, and surrounded by 25 residential compounds. It offers easy access to Cairo International Airport, Wadi Degla, the esteemed American University, La Nouva Vista Mall, Suez Road, Al Rehab City, popular entertainment venues, and top-notch healthcare facilities. These surroundings make the project a very selective destination for luxurious lifestyle clients.

La Nuova Vista compound New Cairo unit styles and space

La Nuova Vista in New Cairo occupies a generous 41-acre space, with an impressive 90% dedicated to lush green landscapes. Misr Italia has an intelligent strategy while planning for the compound; they developed different styles to suit their client’s needs. The compound has different styles of residential units, such as standalone villas, townhouses, and penthouses. Each of the present units has a different range of space:

  • The villas range from 589 square meters to 659 square meters.
  • The townhouses have a different range between 353 square meters to 452 square meters.

What are the prices and payment systems for the compound?

Price range for la nuova vista compound

La Nuova Vista is developed with different unit styles to suit everybody’s needs. And as a result, the prices also depend on the unit space and location in the compound. It has a range between 11 Million EGP to 28.5 Million EGP, so you can choose your unit accordingly.

Payment system for the compound

Misr Italia, while developing La Nuova Vista, offers flexible payment systems for potential buyers. You can choose to pay a 20% downpayment, followed by 10% after 3 months and another 10% after 9 months. The remaining amount can be conveniently paid through installments over a period of 5 years. They have also provided another system; you have the option to pay a 10% down payment and spread the rest over 7 years in manageable installments. This accommodating approach allows buyers to tailor their payment plans to their individual preferences and financial capabilities.

Why live in La Nuova Vista with its features?

La Nuova Vista has so many features and services provided to make everybody’s daily life easy and relaxed:

  • The compound has charming restaurants and cafés, offering delightful cuisine in a romantically inviting atmosphere.
  • The project provides a variety of swimming pools, catering to both adults and children, with both covered and open options.
  • It has vast green spaces, creating a serene ambiance perfect for relaxation and leisurely strolls.
  • Walking and cycling paths, spanning up to 1500 square meters, offer invigorating exercise opportunities.
  • The compound provides securely covered parking garages, ensuring the safety of residents’ vehicles while providing 24-hour security.

Who are Misr Italia and their current projects?

Misr Italia has been present in the Egyptian real estate market for so long. It was established in 1981, and since then, it has proved how creative and successful they are. For more than 35 years, Misr Italia developed many projects such as:

  • Sila New Cairo.
  • Mousa Coast New capital.
  • Vinci New capital compound.
  • Il Bosco city Mostakbal city.
  • Cairo Business Park New Cairo.
  • Kai sokhna Ain sokhna resort.

To sum up, La Nuova Vista, developed by Misr Italia, stands as a visionary project that redefines luxury living in New Cairo. With its vast, diverse residential units, world-class amenities, and strategic location, it offers a harmonious blend of sophistication and stylishness. From its exquisite villas to its vibrant dining options, every aspect is meticulously designed to serve the needs and desires of its residents. La Nuova Vista presents an enticing opportunity for those seeking an elevated lifestyle immersed in nature, comfort, and elegance.

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