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Hacienda West


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Hacienda West Project is nestled along the luxurious and wonderful projects on the North Coast. This ambitious development is set to redefine the very essence of modern living, blending harmoniously with its breathtaking natural surroundings. The Project is precisely designed to serve the special tastes of individuals seeking an extraordinary lifestyle.

Between villas, chalets, and apartments, this project offers a huge range of housing options to suit various preferences and needs. What sets the Hacienda West Project apart is its steadfast commitment to sustainability. The project integrates renewable energy sources, efficient waste management systems, and eco-conscious landscaping.

What is so special about the Hacienda West lifestyle?

Hacienda West

Hacienda West north coast project offers a wealth of world-class amenities, including lush green spaces for a healthier environment. The development also incorporates smart technologies, providing residents with the convenience of automated systems and cutting-edge security features.

The RESORT location is very vital, only 10 km away from Ras el Hekma and 2 km to Fouka Bay road, taking a huge area of 137 acres. The compound is designed with eco-system precautions, so the building units took up only 21% of the land area. With its idyllic coastal location and views, hacienda west presents a harmonious journey where luxury meets perfect quality and brilliance.

Hacienda West apartments and other units type

Hacienda West

The Hacienda West, north coast Project, stands as a prominent gem within the North Coast, captivating visitors with its serene ambiance and breathtaking natural beauty. This exceptional tourist destination offers a comprehensive range of essential units type and prices as well.

The project provides apartments, chalets and villas designed with comfortable and stylish living experiences, with spaces starting from 100 square meters.

Units type and space within palm hills hacienda west

  1. The first line presents the villas, where most of the buildings are designed to see the beach directly and takes a space of 340 square meters up to 480 square meters.
  2. Second-line villas in Hacienda West can also see the beach, and they have a design of 4 large rooms and 2 extra for servants and driver, with space between 264 and 365 square meters.
  3. Then comes third-line villas that provide an ideal choice. With 2 bedrooms on the ground floor and an additional basement floor with 108 square meters featuring 2 bedrooms, these chalets provide a cozy and inviting space for relaxation.
  4. The “3in1” chalets combine the ground floor plus another floor with a roof. Ground floor provides 155 square meters of space and a total area of 417 square meters. Shared over 3 large rooms, the first floor and the roof offer a combined space of 297 square meters, accommodating 4 additional spacious rooms.
  5. The “Condo 1” chalets consist of two units. The duplex ground floor spans 200 square meters, with a total area of 334 square meters, featuring generous rooms and a well-equipped kitchen. The second unit comprises the second floor and the roof, offering a space of 215 square meters with 3 rooms and a servant’s room.
  6. The “Condo 2” chalets offer 10 units, with a large space starting from 100 square meters. designed into 4 ground-floor units, 4 first floor units, and 2 units with a roof, these chalets provide 2 to 3 master rooms.
  7. Condo 3 chalets follow the design of a spacious building, accommodating 15 units starting with a space of 100 square meters. Shared over 6 ground units, 6 first floor units, and 3 roof units, these chalets offer 2 to 3 large rooms, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.

Unites price and payment method

Hacienda West apartments and buildings are very affordable in comparison with other projects, as prices for the units start from 2,5 Million EGP. With flexible payment systems, prospective buyers can secure their dream property with just a 10% down payment. The remaining amount can be conveniently paid interest-free and installments can be shared over 8 years. This attractive payment scheme makes the Hacienda West Project an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking an investment or a dream vacation home.

About palm hills developer

Hacienda West, developed by Palm Hills, is a renowned real estate company that has made a significant impact on the landscape of Egypt’s property market. With a rich history spanning over two decades, Palm Hills has established itself as a leader in creating exceptional residential and mixed-use communities across the country. Palm Hills creates master-planned communities that feature a range of housing options, including villas, chalets, and apartments. They have over 29 Million square meters of land, with 34 projects and 13 projects under construction.

In summary, the Hacienda West Resort offers an enchanting blend of natural beauty, elegant designs, and luxurious amenities, from captivating landscapes and stunning lakes to pristine beaches and perfect facilities. This compound invites visitors to indulge in a truly extraordinary experience where nature and luxury mix harmoniously. Palm Hills Developments work their best to provide their clients with the best experience among other developers.

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