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Golden Gate New Cairo

Golden Gate New Cairo


Situated in the heart of New Cairo, the Golden Gate Mall emerges as a flagship administrative and commercial investment project.

Developed by Redcon Real Estate Development Company, a renowned player in the Egyptian real estate market, this project stands out for its strategic location, competitive pricing, and diverse investment opportunities.

Golden Gate Mall Location and Area

The Golden Gate Mall is strategically positioned on South 90th Street, a vibrant and essential thoroughfare in New Cairo.

This prime location situated it in proximity to the American University and other vital areas, such as high-density residential communities and major transportation routes.

Covering an expansive area of about 201 thousand square meters (40 acres), it holds the distinction of being the largest project in Cairo.

The meticulous planning, guided by top engineering consulting firms, ensures its alignment with the latest modern designs.

Golden Gate Mall Unit Types and Sizes

The Golden Gate Mall boasts a wide array of investment units, including administrative and commercial spaces.

To cater to the diverse needs of investors, the project offers unit sizes that range from a minimum of 58 square meters for administrative offices to a minimum of 90 square meters for shops.

Golden Gate Mall Facilities and Services

The Golden Gate Mall is not merely a commercial space; it is a comprehensive community offering various facilities and services.

These include a parking garage accommodating over 5,000 cars, elevators and escalators for each building, high-speed internet networks, meeting rooms, gyms, dedicated children’s play areas, and central air conditioning in all buildings.

The mall’s commitment to security is evident through a robust security system, including personnel and surveillance cameras.

In conclusion, the Golden Gate Mall stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in New Cairo. Its strategic location, diverse unit offerings, and state-of-the-art facilities position it as a prime investment destination.

As it nears completion, this project by Redcon Real Estate Development Company is poised to leave a lasting impact on the landscape of administrative and commercial ventures in Cairo.

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