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East Tower new capital

East Tower new capital


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Embark on a unique global investment experience with East Tower New Capital, the latest project by UC Developments.

As the tallest mall in the capital, it symbolizes the Central Business District, offering distinguished services, competitive pricing, and flexible payment options, making it an ideal opportunity for ambitious investors.

East Tower Location

Strategically located at the junction of 4 main streets, plot CN-08 at MU7’s entrance, East Tower boasts a captivating Green River waterfront view.

Surrounded by key landmarks, including the Iconic Tower and Al Masa Hotel, and conveniently accessible from the New Capital Airport, the project stands in the heart of the Central Business District.

East Tower New Capital Design and Structure

UC Developments’ commitment to excellence is evident in East Tower’s design, featuring 39 stories with a mix of commercial, administrative, and hotel units.

The unit distribution spans underground parking floors, ground, 1st, and 2nd floors for commercial units, floors 3 through 30 for administrative units, and the remaining 10 floors for hotel spaces.

The project covers an area of 12,000 m2, soaring to 160 m, with units starting at 48 m2.

East Tower New Capital Facilities and Services

East Tower sets a new standard in design, functionality, and innovation.

Overseen by top consulting firms, the project incorporates cutting-edge technologies, such as Mass Dumpers for earthquake resistance, air purification systems, and AI technology for cleanliness maintenance.

The tower also features a green area with dancing fountains on each floor, creating an iconic presence in the Central Business District.

East Tower New Capital Pricing and Payment Systems

The pricing strategy is designed to attract investors with competitive rates, and payment systems offer various options, including discounts for different down payment percentages and installment plans ranging from 6 to 10 years.

East Tower New Capital emerges as a distinctive investment opportunity, combining prime location, innovative design, and investor-friendly pricing and payment plans.

UC Developments’ track record of success and commitment to precision make this project a noteworthy addition to Egypt’s real estate landscape.

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