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Cleopatra Square compound


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Cleopatra Square Compound offers you a fancy luxurious lifestyle in the City of October. Moreover, you are close to critical facilities and areas.

Cleopatra Hotels and Developments Corporate, the contracting company, gives you the opportunity to live in Egyptian-Italian housing while enjoying eye-catching landscapes all around you.

The Site of Cleopatra Square and nearby landmarks

Cleopatra Square compound

The compound is located in the 6th of October City; not so far from the heart of Cairo. It is seated in front of Mall Galleria 40 directly on the 6th of October axis. It has proximity to the Ring Road, only 7 minutes away, as well as Ash Sheikh Zayed City.

Landmarks near Cleopatra Square compound

You can find numerous prominent facilities close to the complex that would help you to mark your directions. This includes

  • Cleopatra Mall, which is 5 minutes away.
  • The Police Hospital
  • Al Safwa Hospital
  • The University of 6 October
  • Ranna Mall
  • The smart village
  • Al Markazy Axis
  • Al Wahat Road
  • DreamLand Golf Resort
  • First Heights Compound
  • Swan Lake
  • Royal Valley Housing Complex
  • Green Hills
  • A-15 minute car drive to the Downtown
  • palm hills october 

About Cleopatra Square October

Cleopatra Square

The ongoing project extends over an area of 48 acres, which consists of residential blocks and facilities in addition to green landscapes. G.B. Bellagamba, the well-known Italian buildings designer, was deeply keen on mixing Egyptian and Italian architectural tastes. Eventually, he came up with this prestigious planning of the Cleopatra Square compound.

Despite being still under construction, there is a group of 117 housing units of different types ready to receive you. You can settle and enjoy the surrounding artificial lakes and lagoons. Furthermore, the greenery and the amenities frame the residences. Choose what suits you from:

  • Iris Twin Houses
  • Jasmine Separate Villas
  • Tulip Twin Villas
  • Lila Separate Villas
  • Rose Separate Villas
  • Dhalia Separate Villas

The services and facilities you can find within the complex

  • An open-air fully-equipped health club.
  • Paved tracks framed with green areas for walking, jogging and cycling.
  • Full-service security system with modern cameras working around the clock
  • Elegant spaces for parties, weddings, ceremonies…etc.
  • Cleopatra Square offers an immediate multi-kind maintenance service.
  • Many swimming pools for adults and children.
  • Playgrounds and monitored kids’ areas.
  • A series of luxurious restaurants and cafes.
  • Commercial area with shopping markets, a hypermarket and a Mall.
  • A nursery with professional teachers and kids’ guardians.
  • Fancy mosque
  • An ambulance system, medical centers and several pharmacies to provide the best health care service.
  • Playgrounds for different sports such as football, tennis and basketball.
  • Artificial lagoons and green areas.
  • Parking lots and private garages.

Area of the units and estimated prices

The units in Cleopatra Square are put mainly into two categories; Twin Houses and Villas. The area of the Twin houses starts at 261 square meters up to 426 square meters, while that of the villas starts at 365 square meters and up to 496 square meters.

You can ask for a unit with an attached garden or a terrace or both. All of the units are multi-story units. The stories can either be a ground, first and second floors or a ground, first floor and a roof.

The prices of units at Cleopatra Square

A Twin House with: 3 bedrooms, 3 levels and multiple terraces with a total area of 344.5 square metres at 5,014,000 Egyptian Pounds.

A Cleo Villa with: 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 levels, several balconies and a private garden with an area of 672 square metres at 13,500,000 Egyptian Pounds.

Orchid Separate Villa with: 4 bedrooms, a ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, a garden and a terrace with a total area of 413 square metres at 7,213,000 Egyptian pounds.

N.B. Ask for more details about the areas and prices of the residences here.

Masterplan and Unit Types

a visionary masterpiece in the heart of 6th October City that redefines modern living and elevates the concept of a “boutique compound.” Nestled in a prime location, Cleopatra Square is a meticulously designed residential haven where the essence of nature seamlessly intertwines with contemporary living.

Now, let’s delve into the master plan and unit types that distinguish Cleopatra Square as a premier residential destination in 6th October City:

unit type Total Ground Floor First Floor Roof
Tulip b1 550 M2 212 M2 280 M2 58 M2
ORCHIDE E2 349 M2 136 M2 168 M2 45 M2
ROSE STANDALONE 522 M2 219 M2 247 M2 56 M2
ORCHIDE E1 386 M2 144 M2 181 M2 61 M2
LILA 391 M2 158 M2 183 M2 50 M2
JASMINE A2 458 M2 192 M2 214 M2 52 M2
JASMINE A1 503 M2 201 M2 245 M2 57 M2
DAHLIA STANDALONE D2 472 M2 190 M2 228 M2 54 M2
DAHLIA STANDALONE D1 492 M2 190 M2 244 M2 58 M2


unit type Twin villa 1 ground floor area Twin villa 2 ground floor area
153.20 m2 170.00 m2
101.00 m2 129.00 m2


unit type Twin villa 1 total area Twin villa 2 total area
297.00 m2 277.00 m2


unit type Total flat area Garden area Plot area
544,40 m2 up to 1.045,00 m2 up to 1.260,00 m2
509,10 m2 up to 1.035,00 m2 up to 1.250,00 m2
481.90 m2 up to 940.00 m2 up to 1,130.00 m2
491,80 m2 up to 780,00 m2 up to 980,00 m2
413,00 m2 up to 464,00 m2 up to 608,00 m2
344,50 m2 up to 490,00 m2 up to 630,00 m2
394,00 m2 up to 520,00 m2 up to 650,00 m2


unit type Plot area
up to 672 m2


unit type Cleo-villa 1 & 2 total area Cleo-villa 1 & 2 garden area Cleo-villa 3 & 4 total area
170.50 m2 up to 210,00 m2 248,30 m2


To learn more information about the prices of compound units cleopatra square units pdf.

Payment systems offered by Cleopatra Hotels & Developments Corporation

The executing company aims for your convenience; hence, it placed three flexible plans you can choose from to pay for the price of your accommodation. All of the quotas are based on the installment policy and they are

  • Pay 30% of the cost as a down payment, then complete the value over 4 years in equal installments.
  • Pay 40% of the cost as a down payment, then complete the value over 3 years in equal installments.
  • Pay 50% of the cost as a down payment, then complete the value over 3 years in equal installments.

About the executing real estate corporation

Cleopatra Hotels and Developments, which is a relatively young firm in the real estate market, started a business earlier as a manufacturer and producer of tiles. Cleopatra Group, however, grew to be one of the most active and productive companies in the Middle East. The corporate believed in the power of time, and within a not-so-long time interval it accomplished the following venues in real estate:

  • Cleopatra Square October
  • Palace Shorouk
  • Plaza Alexandria
  • Plaza Naser City

Whatever residence you choose to live in, you will not wait at all. With Cleopatra Developments, just find it, get it, and move into it now!


FAQs about the Cleopatra Square compound

Where is Cleopatra Square Compound located?

It is placed in the 6th of October City, in Front of Mall Gardenia 40.

What are the units available in the housing residence?

There are two main types of units: Twin Houses and Villas. , under which there are plenty of subtypes according to specifications.

What are the prices of the units?

The prices are variable. However, they start at 5 millions for Twin Houses and 13 millions for villas.

What is the payment system adopted by Cleopatra Square?

The executing company adopts the installment payment system. It offers 3 different plans which are: 30% down payment, the rest in equal installments over 4 years, 40% down payment, the rest in equal installments over 3 years, 50% down payment, the rest in equal installments over 3 years.

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