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Blue Tree New Cairo


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In the heart of the golden square new Cairo, the blue tree compound looks like a hidden gem worth exploring thanks to its harmonious combination of nature and modern architecture. The tranquillity you can feel once you set foot in the place come from the vast green spaces and the 10-acre central park is irresistible. learn more about this divine place at the center of new Cairo.

the unique location of blue tree compound in Golden Square

blue trees

The blue tree project extends over 50 acres in the golden square with a strategic location near Al-Ahly Club. not just that, the place is also quite approximate to every critical landmark in new cairo:

  • 15 min from Auc.
  • 15 min from Cairo airport.
  • 15 min from the new administrative capital
  • 25 min from Heliopolis.
  • 25 min from downtown Katameya.
  • 4 kilometer compound hyde park 

in blue tree new Cairo you can always feel connected, as the compound is only minutes from main roads like Suiz Road and El-tessen Road, and not very far from Ring Road, which leads easily to the city.

What is different in blue tree compound

The compound isn’t only special in its location, the blue tree compound is holistic and covers excellency in every aspect. The place is designed to be both a cozy and modern home to live in, thanks to the international and award-winning architectural firm JZMK which plans urban communities to be innovative, inspirational, and most importantly eloquent.

and to combine nature and architecture, the place has its own 10-acre central park having wonderful waterfalls and lakes that break through lavish green spaces, to make the place look like spring all year. and this view can be seen from almost every apartment and duplex in the blue tree.

buildings between the 81% green space in the blue tree compound are separated to be 35 meters away from one another, each building consists of 4 floors and the ground floor with its own garden.

Exclusive amenities and services in the compound

blue tree new cairo

The blue tree compound in the fifth settlement has all the services and treats to make it the place for having a full and comfortable life.

  • security in the place is solid, having both the best CCTV and security specialists on them.
  • The maintenance team for cleaning and utility services works all week to ensure the safety and comfort of people living in the compound.
  • an underground wide parking garage.
  • electric generators to provide electricity for elevators 24 hours.
  • massive pools of different sizes with special ones for kids.
  • clubhouse offers a wide variety of services and community events.
  • The kids’ area provides educational and fun activities to make it easy for kids to engage in the community.
  • gyms equipped with fitness equipment and special playgrounds to pursue sports.
  • special walking and biking tracks.
  • different spots for meditation and peaceful reading.
  • social centers to host parties, events and different ceremonies.
  • commercial area having restaurants and stores from all over the world.

prices and payment system in the blue tree

The blue tree compound has 1300 units making 19% of the total compound space. The units consist of apartments, duplexes, and apartments with their own garden. The unit size range is 115-300 meters squared with an average price of 32.400 EGP for the square meter.

  • Apartments start from 145-meter squares worth 4,796,000 EGP while ones with gardens are worth 4,785,000 EGP.
  • duplexes in the blue tree compound are 270 square meters with a starting price of 11,685,000 EGP. Also, villas with 290-meter squares size are available for 8,500,000 EGP

installment system in the blue tree

The payment system provided by Sky Real Estate company is very flexible. you can pay only 10% in cash and install the rest over 8 years in equal installments.

Sky Abu Dhabi real estate company

Sky Abu Dhabi is a real estate development company that started business in 2008. The company is renowned by Diamond Group in UAE, which is one of the biggest developers of local trading and industrial firms. The Sky AB company started business in Egypt for the first time in 2021, as it was working on one of the biggest property projects in the new administrative capital.

The company has a 1 billion investment portfolio worldwide working on 17 commercial and residential projects and delivering more than 1500 units with full amenities, educational, and healthcare systems provided.

lead directors and leaders behind Sky AD

  • H.E Saleh Mohammed Bin Nasar Al Ameri
    Chairman of Diamond Group and SKY AD. Developments
  • ENG. Abdel Rahma Agami
    CEO of Diamond Group and SKY AD. Developments
  • Mostafa Salah
    CCO of SKY AD. Developments.

Through the years, the company was able to build trust and a good reputation in Egypt, which allowed it to be one of the toughest competitors in the real estate market.


FAQ1: What is the construction status of the blue tree compound?

The blue tree project is still under development, but you can book your own unit immediately by paying the deposit.

FAQ2: Can I decorate my own apartment in the blue tree?

Of course you can, in the blue tree new Cairo, apartments are being delivered semi-finished to enable decorating your own dream apartment freely.

FAQ3: Is it true that the blue tree compound has more units than it should?

No, although the compound has 1300 units, the company made sure that each building is independent enough from the other by 35 square meters of green spaces between each building.

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