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Blue Blue Sokhna is a unique resort, which inspires its name from the different blue shades you will experience around you.

The complex is one of MG Developments’ astonishing projects. It is located on the Red Sea in the heart of Al Ain Al Sokhna City near Zafarana. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the residence that suits your taste.

The location of Blue Blue Sokhna resort and landmarks nearby

blue blue

As we have mentioned, the resort sits on the Red Sea in Al Ain Al Sokhna City at the edge of Al Sokhna Mountain Range. Blue Blue has a distinctive location directly on Al Zafarana Road close to the area of the windmills. These non-stop spinning windmills provide a cooling effect providing constantly moderate temperature. Moreover, the resort oversees the sea with a beach 300 meters long. The breeze and the view will give you an unforgettable experience.

Landmarks near Blue Blue Sokhna Resort

Blue Blue Sokhna

  • Cairo, which is 170 kilometers away (about an 85 / 90-minute drive).
  • The New Capital, which is 90 kilometres away (about a 45 / 50-minute drive).
  • El Sokhna Gates, which are 55 kilometres away (about a 30 / 35-minute drive).
  • New Cairo, which is 130 kilometres away (about a 65 / 70-minute drive).
  • Suez City, which is 100 Kilometres away (about a 55 / 65-minute drive).
  • The New Road leading to King Fahd City (5 minutes away).
  • Mountain View Village.
  • Porto El Sokhna.
  • Orlando Beach.
  • New Galala Road.

The area and planning of the resort

Blue Blue El Sokhna settles over 30 acres, which are equivalent to an area of 120 thousand square meters. This vast area is divided between the residential units, the greenery, the facilities, and the beach coasts. The layouts are distributed over 2 levels, and the units are arranged in a U-shaped pattern. This pattern ensures that all the units see a panoramic view of the sea as well as enjoy the surrounding green landscapes.

The compound is divided into 5 main spaces which are: Lake View, Blue Island, Sea View, Blue River, and Water Front. The units overlook artificial Lagoons with artificial islands inserted within. And for the residents’ convenience, the resort owns a 300-meter-long beach with yellow sand and transparent sparkling water.

For more details about the design and the spots of the resort, contact our help center.

Units offered by Blue Blue Sokhna and their areas

Blue Blue Sokhna offers high-end residential housings that follow modern European designs and the latest international standards.

The main two categories of units are Chalets and Villas. Every type has a set of subtypes which vary in area and design.

Blue Blue Sokhna villas start from an area of 250 square metres, first row from the sea. They have three groups all with a private pool and a garden, and they are:

  • Sea Front Villas.
  • Penthouse Villas.
  • Sea Front A Villas.
  • Sea Front B Villas.

As for the Chalets, MG Developments Corporation offers ground chalets and story chalets. Some have attached gardens and all of them enjoy the greenery and landscapes. Furthermore, you can own the unit or just rent it for some time.

The chalets’ areas start at 100 square meters and are available through one of 4 phases:

  • Azure Phase: a chalet with space starting from 100 square meters.
  • Cyan Phase: a chalet with space starting from 100 square meters.
  • The Navy Phase: a chalet with space starting from 110 square meters.
  • Indigo Phase: a chalet with space starting from 115 square meters.

The Prices of the residences and available payment systems

The prices differ according to the type and specifications of the unit. However, all the prices are premium according to what MG offers. For instance:

  • A 4-bedroom Villa with 3 bathrooms in an area of 251 square meters costs 11,929,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • A penthouse Villa cost starts from 2,500,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • A Chalet at the Azure stage costs 1,831,500 Egyptian Pounds.
  • A Chalet at Cyan stage costs 1,922,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • A Chalet at the Navy stage costs 2,00,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  • A Chalet at the Indigo stage costs 2,191,440 Egyptian Pounds.

Payment methods and available plans

The payment system that is approved at Blue Blue Sokhna is the installment system. The plans vary whether you want an immediate or deferred recipient of the unit.

  • Pay 15% of the total cost as a down payment, receive immediately and complete the installments over 4 years without interest.
  • Pay 10% of the total cost as a reservation payment, complete the installments over 6 years and receive afterwards.
  • Pay 8% of the total cost as a reservation payment, complete the installments over 8 years and receive afterwards.

Specifications and facilities of Blue Blue

  • 12,000 square meters of multi-level swimming pools.
  • Kids’ Club.
  • 360 meters long Marina.
  • Party and Drink Club House.
  • Private Cabanas that allow you to enjoy the water activities privately.
  • A Beach Screen, where you can enjoy a movie in the middle of our beautiful nature.
  • Kitesurfing Centre, which is the first in Ain Sokhna by Blue Blue Sokhna.
  • A Health Club in addition to a Gym
  • A Floating Restaurant.
  • Shopping Mall and a Food Court.
  • A Luxurious Hotel.
  • Waterfalls and water bodies with artificial islands.
  • Balconies and photoshoot areas.

About the developer of the resort

MG Developments has been in the real estate business in the Egyptian market since 1998. The company has achieved several major projects since then in different spots in Egypt including Blue Blue Sokhna. We can list the other venues as follow:

  • La Vida Residential Compound in New Heliopolis.
  • Promark.
  • The Mark.
  • Headquarters New Cairo.
  • Premium Business Centre New Cairo.

FAQs about Blue Blue El Sokhna

Where is Blue Blue Sokhna located?

The resort is located in Ain El Sokhna City directly on Zafarana Road.

What units does MG Developments Firm offer in Blue Blue?

You can choose from different-sized Villas and Chalets.

What are the prices of the residences in the compound?

The prices of the chalets start at 1,831,500 Egyptian Pounds, while the Prices of the Villas start at 2.5 million Egyptian Pounds.

What are the areas of chalets and villas at Blue Blue Sokhna?

The space differs from one unit to another, but generally, the areas of the chalets start at 100 square meters while that of the villas start at 250 square meters.

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