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Baymount Sokhna, an exquisite residential compound located before El Galala city, offering a perfect blend of serenity and luxury. Developed by Maven Developments, a renowned name in the real estate industry with international projects in America, Baymount Sokhna promises an elevated living experience that will leave you mesmerized.

Baymount Array of Features and Services

Baymount Maven goes above and beyond to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its residents. The implementation of Baymount encompasses a wide range of basic and recreational services within the village, ensuring that customers have access to everything they need without having to venture outside. Let’s take a closer look at the distinctive features and services that set Baymount Maven apart from other tourist villages in Ain Sokhna.

Exquisite Hotel

Within Baymount village, you’ll find a renowned hotel that stands out from others in Al Ain Sokhna. This exceptional establishment offers a plethora of features, providing customers with a comfortable and luxurious experience throughout their stay.

Roman Theatre

One of the standout services offered by Baymount ain el Sokhna is the Roman Theatre. This unique amenity sets the village apart from its competitors, offering residents and visitors a cultural and artistic experience like no other.

Thriving Commercial Areas

the village boasts an abundance of shops that cater to the needs of customers, showcasing popular and international brands. Whatever you may be looking for, you can find it within the commercial areas of Baymount Maven.

Exemplary Club Facilities

A magnificent club facility awaits residents, offering breathtaking views of the seaside. With a variety of swimming pools designed to suit everyone’s preferences, the club has been meticulously designed based on international standards, ensuring a world-class experience for its members.

Entertainment Zone for Kids

The resort features a designated area dedicated to providing the best and most up-to-date entertainment games for children. With security measures in place, parents can rest assured that their children can enjoy their time in a safe and private environment.

Fireworks and Golf Courses

The project organizers of Baymount are committed to delivering exceptional entertainment options. Visitors can enjoy designated fireworks displays, adding a touch of excitement and joy to their experience. Additionally, Baymount offers European-style golf courses equipped with top-of-the-line facilities and 12 full stations for Golf Car enthusiasts.

Culinary Delights

A diverse selection of restaurants and cafes within Baymount serves delectable food and beverages prepared by skilled chefs. These culinary delights can be savored in dedicated beachfront locations, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Celebration and Event Spaces

For special occasions such as weddings, engagements, or birthdays, Baymount provides designated areas for barbecues and various events. Additionally, the village features mosques with ample space to accommodate a large number of people, allowing residents to perform their prayers conveniently.

Serene Walkway Bridge and Artificial Lakes

Baymount offers a 20-meter wide walkway bridge spanning a length of 50 meters. This beautiful bridge enhances the overall ambiance of the village, complemented by the presence of artificial lakes that provide a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Enhanced Security

The safety and security of residents are paramount at Baymount Maven. The project incorporates top-of-the-line security equipment, including surveillance cameras and trained guards, ensuring a secure and stable environment.

Comprehensive Health Facilities

Baymount village features well-equipped health centers that provide top-notch healthcare services to customers. Additionally, a medical hospital operates round the clock, capable of accommodating patients at any time of the day.

International standards Gym

Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the gym facility within Baymount Maven. Equipped with the best sports equipment and guided by skilled trainers, residents can pursue their fitness goals conveniently within the village.

Mountain Lift for Easy Movement

To facilitate easy movement within the village, Baymount Maven offers a mountain lift with specific stations. This feature adds convenience and accessibility for residents, making transportation within the village a breeze.

Baymount Maven goes the extra mile to create a truly exceptional living experience. With its impressive range of features and services, residents of Baymount can enjoy a life of comfort, luxury, and convenience. From the exquisite hotel and Roman Theatre to the thriving commercial areas and exclusive club facilities, every aspect of Baymount has been carefully designed to provide residents with the best possible experience.

Children can delight in the designated entertainment area, while families can come together to enjoy fireworks displays and make use of the European-style golf courses. The culinary offerings at the restaurants and cafes are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates, and the celebration and event spaces provide the perfect venue for memorable occasions.

Safety and security are of utmost importance at Baymount Maven, with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, trained guards, and secure access points. The health centers and medical hospital ensure that residents have access to quality healthcare services whenever needed.

Convenience is further enhanced with the mountain lift, making it easy to navigate the village and explore its various attractions. With all these features and services, Baymount Maven aims to provide residents with a truly exceptional and fulfilling lifestyle.

Unit Types and spaces

Baymount Sokhna offers an array of unit types, each designed to cater to the unique requirements and preferences of individuals and families. Let’s explore the variety of living spaces available within this exceptional compound:

  • Studio Apartments
  • One-Bedroom Apartments
  • Two-Bedroom Apartments
  • Three-Bedroom Apartments
  • Villas and Townhouses

Baymount Sokhna Payment System

Maven Developments understands the importance of flexibility and convenience when it comes to purchasing a property. To facilitate the dreams of homeownership, Baymount Sokhna offers a favorable payment system that suits a range of financial capabilities.

The payment structure for Baymount Sokhna is as follows:

an initial down payment of 9% of the total unit price is required to secure your unit. This allows buyers to reserve their desired property and proceed with the purchasing process. The remaining amount can be paid over a span of 9 years, providing buyers with the convenience of manageable monthly installments.
Furthermore, the meter price in Baymount Sokhna starts from 18,400 EGP, making it an attractive investment opportunity in the booming real estate market of Ain Sokhna. This competitive pricing ensures that buyers can find a unit that aligns with their budget and financial goals.

Delivery and Timeline

It’s important to note that all units in Baymount Sokhna will be delivered after 4 years from contracting. This timeline allows for meticulous construction and attention to detail, ensuring that each unit is delivered to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Maven Developments prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to exceed expectations by delivering homes that showcase their commitment to excellence.

Investing in Baymount Sokhna

Investing in Baymount Sokhna offers not just a home but an unparalleled lifestyle. The combination of its prime location, exceptional features, and flexible payment system makes it an attractive option for both homebuyers and investors. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape from city life, a vacation home, or a long-term investment, Baymount ticks all the boxes.
Owning a property in Baymount Sokhna grants residents exclusive access to a host of amenities, including swimming pools, fitness facilities, and beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces. The compound’s proximity to the vibrant El Galala city adds to its allure, allowing residents to enjoy a range of entertainment, dining, and recreational options just a stone’s throw away.

About the developer

MAVEN Developments is a real estate development company based in Egypt. It is an affiliate of the award-winning Riverwards Group, a US-based developer with over 30 years of experience. MAVEN Developments is not afraid to take risks, they are willing to think outside the box in order to create something truly unique, offering thoughtful, customized residential experiences that are perfectly sized and specified to suit every family member’s needs.

The company’s current portfolio includes two major projects: Baymount in Ain Sokhna and Cali Coast in Ras El Hekma. Baymount is a stunning community that embraces everything that makes the Red Sea coast special, with dazzling sea views, spectacular mountain landscapes, and a convenient location within walking distance of the new International Marina in Galala city. Cali Coast is a new beachfront development that offers a Californian lifestyle in Egypt, with a variety of residential and commercial units, as well as a wide range of amenities and activities.

Baymount Sokhna stands as a testament to Maven Developments’ commitment to creating exceptional residential projects that redefine modern living. With its prime location, diverse unit types, and favorable payment system, Baymount Sokhna offers a gateway to luxurious coastal living. Whether you’re looking for a serene retreat, an investment opportunity, or a permanent residence, Baymount Sokhna presents an alluring option that exceeds expectations.

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