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Azha Sokhna


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Azha ain Sokhna Project presents a new vision of Luxury, relaxation, and outstanding life along Egypt’s Stunning Red Sea Coastline.

Azha Sokhna boasts a breathtaking array of meticulously designed residences, world-class amenities, and captivating seafront vistas. As a beacon of modern elegance, Azha Sokhna aims to redefine coastal living through its innovative architecture and sustainable practices. With a commitment to creating an exceptional community, Azha has strategically crafted an environment that fosters relaxation, recreation, and unparalleled serenity.

Madar Development’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the intricately designed landscapes, vibrant community spaces, and many recreational options. Discover a new realm of coastal living through Azha Sokhna, where Madaar Development brings dreams to life.

What makes resort Azha ain Sokhna your perfect destination?


Azha Sokhna is the epitome of coastal Luxury, nestled along Egypt’s azure waters. Meticulously planned, Azha offers diverse residential options, from charming apartments to spacious villas. Madar developed the project on a huge scale to provide as many features and services as possible to compete with the best national and international resorts. In addition, the project’s strategic location ensures easy accessibility to Cairo, making it an ideal retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. Azha Sokhna is surrounded by several landmarks and important cities, to be easy to move to and from the Resort quickly.

What is the Azha Sokhna project’s full space and exact location?

Azha Sokhna project spans approximately 380 acres, showcasing an expansive coastal oasis along Egypt’s stunning Red Sea shoreline. The project has direct access to the sea with a beautiful beach of almost 700 Meters to get the best view and coastal vibes. Nestled in Ain Sokhna, it lies just 11 kilometers after the gates of Ain Sokhna, making it easily accessible from Cairo. In addition, it is 127 Kilometers away from Cairo city, and Cairo airport can be reached within 50 mins only. This prime location ensures a convenient and picturesque retreat, with breathtaking views of the Red Sea and surrounding landscapes.

Most important landmarks surrounding Azha Ain Sokhna

Azha Ain Sokhna is strategically located near many destinations, offering easy access to its entertainment and good options. First, we find that the Resort is too close to the Luxury Stella di Mare resort and next to the Blumar project as well. Resort Azha is also located on the Suez Road for better movement. You can reach New Cairo City within only 15 minutes of the compound. From Azha, residents can easily embark on Red Sea activities and explore its diverse marine life and coral reefs. Azha Sokhna’s surroundings offer a blend of nature, entertainment, and convenience for a complete coastal experience.

What is so special about Azha Sokhna’s facilities and features?

Azha Sokhna offers an array of exceptional services to make the client’s experience as perfect as possible with all the services. The project delivers an outstanding and huge number of services as follows:

  • Beautiful lush green areas for an eco-friendly atmosphere.
  • A shopping area with national and international brands.
  • A well-trained security guard and a strong security system.
  • In addition, the compound is covered with security cameras all over the place.
  • Residents enjoy access to sports facilities like tennis courts.
  • The project has the best hotels, with high service standards for visitors.
  • There is a luxury sports club that includes modern equipment and trainers for better workouts.
  • Aqua area, swimming pools special for kids and others for adults.
  • A dining area with high-quality restaurants and cafes for daily outings.
  • Kids and entertainment areas for our children.
  • Hypermarket for daily requirements and needs.
  • The Resort also has a school and a special nursery for kids.

What is the option for unit type, space, and prices?

Azha Sokhna offers a diverse range of unit types, including cozy studios, spacious townhouses, and luxurious villas. The options make it easy to choose between the most suitable units according to your needs. The units are classified as follows:

  • First, we have the small areas for studios which start from 80 square meters.
  • The chalets have a range between 72 square meters to 150 square meters.
  • Townhouse units range between 150 square meters all the way up to 175 square meters.
  • Then we have the twin house starting from 210 square meters.
  • Lastly, we have the latest design for luxurious Villas with a space starting from 270 square meters.

Prices for the available units in Azha Ain Sokhna

The price for each unit changes according to the style, the location of the unit, and the total space. Here we have the available units:

  • Studios range between 20 thousand to 29 thousand per square meter.
  • Townhouse prices start from 34 thousand per square meter.
  • The chalet price ranges between 4.7 Million to 11.9 Million EGP.
  • The twin house prices are between 14.2 Million and 15.7 Million EGP.
  • Last for the Villas starting from 25.5 Million to 29.7 Million EGP.

What is the payment plan for Azha Sokhna units?

Madar development company made sure to provide simple payment plans for the better of their clients. The first plan for the client is to pay 10% of the total price, then 4% after 4 years of contracting, and the rest of the amount to be shared over 9 years. According to the agreement, the second plan is to pay 15% of the total price upon contracting and the rest of the amount over 6 years or 8 years.

Who are Azha Sokhna’s owners and developers?

Azha Sokhna is a project developed by Madar in support of Wilmore and Barton companies. They hire the best engineering companies and providers to introduce outstanding and class-A resorts. Madar greatly affects the Egyptian real estate market; it shares almost 700 Million worth of projects. The developer has other projects such as Misty International, Azha Village, and other projects in Fifth Settlement and Sheikh Zayed.

Azha Sokhna is an unparalleled coastal gem, blending Luxury, nature, and community seamlessly. Its exceptional services, strategic location, and diverse unit offerings create a unique living experience. With Madar Development’s commitment to excellence, Azha emerges as a prime destination for those seeking a harmonious coastal retreat.

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