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a residential building in aliva city, a mountain view compound

Aliva Mountain View


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In the heart of Al Mostakbal City, adjacent to prominent roads like Suez Road and Al Amal Axis, Mountain View Company introduces Aliva, a revolutionary residential project spanning over 664 Feddan.

This endeavor seeks to redefine the standard of luxury living in Egypt, presenting a unique blend of modernism, nature, and innovative design.

Aliva Mountain View Compound Location

Aliva City is strategically located, just 5 minutes from Madinaty, 18 minutes from New Cairo, and 21 minutes from the International Cairo Airport, ensuring accessibility to key amenities and neighboring high-class compounds like Mountain View Icity.

Aliva Mountain View Design

The development comprises five distinct spaces: River Park, Field Park, Club Park, Lagoon, and Heart Work (Mv5), each offering a plethora of features and activities.

River Park

River Park, inspired by Amsterdam’s river lifestyle, provides a river-side residence with cycling, yoga classes, and kayaking options.

The Lake House, a 3-bedroom unit spanning 358 Sqm, promises an unforgettable scenic view experience.

Fields Park

Fields Park, the second phase, caters to the symbiosis of nature and modernity. A car and pollution-free community, it fosters green-based activities such as gardening workshops and woodwork training.

The Green House, a 375 Sqm residential unit, exemplifies the fusion of luxury and environmental consciousness.

Aliva Mountain View further diversifies experiences with themes like Safety, Work Spaces, and a Sport Theme. The project prioritizes safety through private promenading and cycling tracks, coupled with cutting-edge CCTV technology.

The Heartwork concept introduces workspaces akin to big corporations, allowing residents to balance work and leisure seamlessly.

Aliva Mountain View Prices & Payment Plans

The pricing strategy for Aliva Mountain View City starts at 10,000,000 Egp, with a flexible payment system enabling a 5% down payment and the remaining cost installable over 8 years.

This competitive pricing, combined with Mountain View’s reputation as a forerunner in real estate since 2005, positions Aliva Compound as a touchstone for innovative luxury in Al Mostakbal City.

In conclusion, Aliva Mountain View is not merely a residential project; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to meeting customer needs while pushing the boundaries of modern living.

It stands as a symbol of innovation, luxury, and environmental consciousness, setting a new standard for residential developments in Egypt.

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