New Alamein City: a modern marvel rising from Egypt’s Coastline

August 7, 2023
تصميم مدينة العلمين

As an ambitious project, New Alamein City signals Egypt’s economic growth and development, promising a bright future for the city and its residents.

New Alamein City, located on Egypt’s Mediterranean coastline, is one of the most trending development projects lately. With its selective strategic location, the city aims to become a thriving destination for tourism, investment, and residential living. The vision behind New Alamein City is to create a modern and luxurious city that offers its residents a high standard of living.

Boasting breathtaking beaches, lush green spaces, and cutting-edge infrastructure, the city promises a harmonious blend of nature and civility. The master plan encompasses residential areas, commercial districts, cultural landmarks, and recreational facilities, providing a comprehensive and dynamic environment.

What is so special about the new Alamein city?

New Alamein City stands out for its stunning coastline, featuring crystal-clear waters and relaxing sandy beaches. The city’s master plan incorporates sustainable design principles, prioritizing green space to get the best view. The city has a massive number of shopping malls, cultural centers, sports complexes, educational institutions, and class-A restaurants for year-round usage. It offers a diverse range of residential options, from luxurious villas to modern apartments, to suit all clients and different lifestyles. The city is designed with so many details and came to life by the best developers in Egypt City Edge and Palm Hills.

The location and map of the New Alamein city

When looking at New Alamein City’s strategic location, we see easy access to major transportation routes, connecting it to other key cities in Egypt. It enjoys a prime position on Marsa Matrouh Road. The exact location is on the Kilo 48 of Alexandria- Matrouh Road. It also has an extension from the road of Wadi Al Natroun to Al Dabaa, making the best of the location. Other than this, the city is almost away from Cairo, with 350 Kilometers and 104 kilos approximately to Alexandria from the western side.

The best features of the city and the available services

New Alamein City goes above and beyond in providing a comprehensive array and multitude of services to meet the needs and enhance the quality of life for its residents. Starting with the daily energy needs with a number of hypermarkets all over the city, including different varieties and requirements. They provided recreation areas in various locations for Kids and adults for better relaxation and entertainment and particular areas for children only. The city includes cinema halls and theaters for more outdoor activities. The city is equipped with a modern security system, 24/7 guarding, cameras, and electronic gates.

The most important Real Estate projects in New Alamein City

New Alamein City, a prominent development in Egypt, showcases exceptional real estate projects, ranging from luxurious residential complexes to modern commercial centers. The city has many developers investing, and improving real estate, such as IL Latini compound and the developer Palm Hills.

Palm Hills developer

As one of the most important developers in the Egyptian real estate market, Palm Hills share in many projects in the city, such as Pall Hills Mall. The mall is developed with international standards to fit the city level. It includes cafes, restaurants, hypermarkets and shops. Providing the clients with all of their daily needs and also a good way of investing in the city.

Apartments opportunities for sale in The new Alamein city

New Alamein City offers a diverse range of apartments. From stylish and contemporary designs to spacious and comfortable layouts, the city provides various options to suit individual needs. Getting any unit or an apartment in the city is a very promising option for business, not only personal use. The available units for now in the city are in the north side Edge towers, with full furniture and services. The selective units type in the building are:

  • For the upper-middle class, we will have the Distinguished Housing.
  • The section for Ministry housing is public housing, with a more affordable price range.
  • The seaside towers have hotel-style and Luxurious apartments.

The available unit space for sale now

The chance of getting a unit in new Alamein City is a dream coming true, with all the different spaces and price ranges. The developer provides the city with numerous unit types and spaces as well. The small units and apartment space start from 87 square meters. Then we have more space options ranging between 300 and 400 square meters. Regardless of the space, the units are well designed with excellent engineers to use the best of it and fit easily for families.

The units price and payment system in the city

The options are various in terms of spaces and different locations in the city. The pricing is placed on a wide range to suit other clients’ needs, depending on the unit type, space, and location. The units in North Edge Towers price range between 3 Million to 5 Million EGP. Then we have Downtown New Alamein units price starting from 1.8 Million EGP. The different scales make it much easier for clients selection and needs.

Payment System

New Alamein City implements a flexible and convenient payment system to facilitate property ownership and investment opportunities. The city offers various payment plans especially to meet the needs of different buyers, ensuring accessibility and affordability as follows:

  • In Downtown New Alamein, you can start by paying 5% of the total price and then the rest of the amount over 10 years.
  • While palm Hills plans to start with a 180.000 deposit, and the rest of the amount will be divided over 6.5 years.

In conclusion, New Alamein City is a heaven on earth, with all features and services available. It is not only a place for summer vacation; the city is fully designed to serve daily life needs as well. Moreover, the flexible payment system enhances accessibility and affordability, opening up property ownership and investment opportunities.