Discover El Galala city: Egyptian coastal gem with Natural Wonders

September 12, 2023
الرئيس السيسي يتفقد مشروعات مدينة الجلالة

El Galala city is a modern city in Egypt representing the true meaning of natural beauty and luxurious life on the red sea coastal shores.

El Galala City is a captivating urban development on the stunning Red Sea coast. With its breathtaking landscapes and azure waters, Galala City offers a unique blend of natural beauty and modern entertainment. Having a strategic location, the City serves as a gateway to various destinations.

Designed to be a sustainable and inclusive community, Galala City features state-of-the-art infrastructure, luxurious resorts, and recreational facilities. Visitors can indulge in a range of activities, from water sports and hiking to cultural exploration. Galala City presents an enticing destination for both tourists and residents seeking an unforgettable experience amidst Egypt’s mesmerizing coastal treasures.

What is the location of El Galala city in Egypt?

Galala City’s enchanting location directly on the Sea shoreline makes it an idyllic destination for beach lovers. Located on Egypt’s captivating Red Sea coastline, Galala City offers a remarkable setting for residents and visitors. The City is considered on the beginning road of Cairo Ain Al Sokhna road. It takes the distance to 770 Meters on the top of the plateau in Wadi Hajoul. The City has a link road to Wadi Hajoul and the new road of Beni suef-Zafarana road. This road connects Beni Suef and Zafarana at a distance of 160 Kilometers.

What are the best features of El Galala City?

The City offers luxurious resorts that provide unparalleled comfort and relaxation for visitors. Also, the community is designed to be sustainable, promoting eco-friendly practices and a green lifestyle. A very long distance within the City has a direct view of the beautiful red sea shore.

The City offers an extensive range of shops and entertaining areas. It has some Yachts dedicated only to the City and the residents. The City is not only about vacation; it also has one of the most important universities such as, King Abdullah University, and schools as well. Residents can find whatever they are looking for in the commercial centers with all the different shops and brands.

A number of services for residents in El Galala city

Whenever you are looking for a new resident or vacation, the service is the number one thing you will search for. And El Galala City knows the importance of developing different services according to the client’s needs. In addition, the Egyptian government prepared the City to be a Fruitful destination for various investment projects:

  • The City has one of the largest factories of phosphate fertilizer.
  • It has the first plant for water desalination in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • The City also has a large marble processing factory.
  • In addition, the City has three sewage treatment plants.

El Galala city university

El Galala City is prepared to fulfill all the client’s needs, and here is the University with the most outstanding criteria. The University for Science and Technology is present as one of the best and most important universities in Egypt. With its distinguished standards and innovative curriculum, City University provides students with a transformative learning experience. The University’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its strict academic standards and cutting-edge research initiatives. It provides a large scale of departments for all needs, such as:

  1. College of Engineering.
  2. College of Medicine.
  3. Faculty of Science.
  4. College of Media.
  5. Faculty of Dentistry.

The Top real estate Projects in El Galala City

The City is developed to be the top destination for Investors in Egypt. It has many projects in Real estate and other market needs as well, such as:

Il Monte Galala

Monte Galala is a project developed by Tatweer Misr, which is one of the most distinguished and vital projects in Ain Sokhna. It is developed as a mountain resort and global health resort, which is the first of its kind. The project is a share between a group of investors as, Samir and Ashraf Arafa, the minister of housing, and Hamada Daoud. The project location is too close to Porto Sokhna, about 11 kilometers and 150 kilometers from Cairo. Il Monte Galala is developed on an area of 530 acres with approximately 1300 meters of beach length.

Bella Vento Galala

Taking the best views and presenting as the heart of El Galala City comes the Bella Vento project. This project was developed to provide a different and unique style of chalets, villas, and other units for residents with its fabulous sea view. It works on providing the best service to get the best customer satisfaction and make their experience unforgettable. It also has fascinating swimming pools, sports areas, and substantial green areas. Bella Vento location is only one hour away from Cairo, which is fantastic as an easy-access destination.

In conclusion, El Galala city is a star to Egypt’s vision of sustainable development, investments, and unparalleled beauty. Whether you’re a resident, investor, or visitor, Galala City offers a unique blend of tranquility and excitement. From water sports and hiking to immersing oneself in the rich cultural heritage, Galala City has something for everyone.