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In the realm of real estate development, there are a select few who transcend the ordinary and create living destinations that capture the essence of a dream. Orascom Developments is one such pioneer, whose journey began with a simple idea and has now evolved into a global legacy of crafting paradises in breathtaking locations.

For over three decades, Orascom Developments has been at the forefront of master-planned communities, crafting integrated towns that weave harmonious living, stunning landscapes, and vibrant amenities together. This blog takes you on a journey through the history, projects, and innovative payment systems of the visionary developer, Orascom Development.

A Journey of Excellence and Expertise

Orascom Development’s journey dates back to a visionary idea: to create a haven of tranquility by the shimmering waters of the Red Sea. From this humble origin, the company has risen to become a leader in the creation of fully integrated towns across three continents. With a track record spanning over 30 years, Orascom Development has honed its expertise in developing communities from the ground up, placing them at the forefront of the industry.

Orascom Developments community is a testament to their dedication to the art of place-making. Meticulously planned and thoughtfully designed, these integrated towns seamlessly blend residential spaces, luxurious hotels, and a plethora of leisure and commercial amenities. Sprawling golf courses, charming marinas, state-of-the-art sports facilities, vibrant retail spaces, and delectable restaurants all come together to create an unparalleled living experience. These communities are built on a foundation of essential infrastructure, and at their heart lies a deep commitment to the well-being of residents and visitors alike.

A Global Footprint

Orascom Development’s reach extends far beyond the shores of the Red Sea. With a land bank spanning more than 100 million square meters across diverse landscapes including Egypt, the UAE, Oman, Morocco, Montenegro, Switzerland, and the UK, the company’s influence is vast and profound. To put this into perspective, this land bank is nearly three times the size of Dubai. Impressively, Orascom Developments has already developed over 18 million square meters of this land, with ambitious plans for the undeveloped portions.

Core Values that Define Orascom Developments

At the heart of every great achievement lies a set of core values that guide actions and decisions. Orascom Development holds these values close to its heart, shaping its identity and defining its commitment:

Customer Obsessed

The community is at the heart of everything Orascom Development does. This value underscores their unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of residents and visitors alike, ensuring that their needs and aspirations are met.

Team Oriented

Orascom Developments recognizes that true success comes when individuals collaborate as a cohesive unit. By fostering a culture of teamwork and shared goals, they achieve excellence in every endeavor.

Resourceful and Driven

Determination and resourcefulness form the backbone of Orascom Development’s accomplishments. Through sheer willpower and the ability to leverage resources effectively, they create a lasting positive impact.

Committed to High Integrity

Doing what is right, even in the face of challenges, is a principle that Orascom Development upholds at all times. Their commitment to maintaining the highest levels of integrity underpins their actions and decisions.

Masterpieces in the Portfolio of Orascom Developments

Orascom Development’s portfolio reads like a collection of masterpieces that span diverse landscapes and cultures. Here are a few standout projects that showcase their commitment to creating living paradises:

El Gouna

Nestled along the Red Sea coast, El Gouna is a mesmerizing coastal town that seamlessly combines nature’s beauty with modern amenities. From azure waters to a vibrant downtown, El Gouna encapsulates the epitome of luxurious living by the sea.

Makadi Heights

A stunning oasis in Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera, Makadi Heights is a testament to Orascom Developments’s expertise in crafting elegant, sustainable communities that blend seamlessly with the natural environment.

O West

Situated in the heart of 6th of October City in Egypt, O West is a vibrant urban destination that redefines modern living. With lush green spaces, modern architecture, and a plethora of amenities, it sets new standards for integrated living.

Taba Heights

Perched between the rugged mountains and the azure waters of the Red Sea, Taba Heights is a gateway to natural beauty and relaxation. This integrated town boasts world-class hotels, golf courses, and more, making it a haven for leisure seekers.


Tucked away in the serene landscapes of Fayoum, Egypt, Byoum is a tranquil retreat that offers a unique blend of eco-luxury living and cultural immersion. It exemplifies Orascom Development’s ability to create destinations that resonate with their surroundings.

Innovative Payment Systems

Orascom Development’s dedication to enhancing the living experience extends beyond the physical spaces they create. They have also reimagined the way payments are managed, making it convenient for potential homeowners to realize their dreams. Through innovative payment systems and financing options, they ensure that ownership becomes an attainable reality for a wide range of individuals.

A Future of Boundless Possibilities

As Orascom Developments continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of real estate development, its legacy stands as a testament to the power of visionary thinking, commitment to excellence, and a relentless drive to create paradises that enrich lives. From the sandy shores of the Red Sea to the majestic Swiss Alps, each Orascom Developments community is a chapter in the story of transforming landscapes into living dreams. With an unwavering dedication to its core values and a relentless pursuit of innovation, the future holds boundless possibilities for this trailblazing developer.

Board of Directors: A Collective Force of Visionaries

The strength of any organization lies in the caliber of its leadership, and the Board of Directors of Orascom is a prime example of this principle. Comprising a diverse and accomplished group of individuals, the Board steers the company’s course toward innovation, growth, and success. Each member brings a unique blend of experience, expertise, and perspective, contributing to a collective force that drives the company’s mission forward.

  • Naguib Samih Sawiris – Chairman
  • Franz Egle – Member
  • Jürgen Fischer – Member
  • Amine Omar Tazi-Riffi – Member
  • Maria Davidson – Member
  • Eskandar Tooma – Member

Collective Vision, Collaborative Progress

United by a common vision of propelling Orascom to new heights, the Board of Directors operates as a cohesive unit. Their collective expertise transcends industries and borders, guiding the company towards sustainable growth, innovation, and a commitment to societal well-being. Their individual strengths merge into a symphony of strategic planning, governance, and leadership that shapes the company’s journey towards excellence.

Orascom Development’s journey from a simple idea to becoming a global leader in integrated town development is nothing short of remarkable. Their commitment to crafting communities that seamlessly blend luxury, nature, and amenities is a testament to their expertise and dedication. Through their core values, impressive portfolio, and innovative payment systems, Orascom Development continues to redefine what it means to create living paradises. As they look towards the future, one can only imagine the awe-inspiring destinations they will craft next.

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