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Minka Developments innovate, transform and take real estate work in Egypt to the next level. Minka Development stands as a beacon of hope and progress to lead the real estate market in Egypt with its best styles and technologies.

This groundbreaking organization has embarked on a transformative journey dedicated to empowering communities and uplifting lives throughout Egypt. The company takes care of every detail they are working on; even its name stands for (from you) in Arabic. And also has a different meaning in Japan, which means the house of the people.

Minka real estate Management and work progress

Minka Development

Minka real estate is a private investment and development company in the Egyptian market. The company is managed by its owner M. Abdallah Sallam and the rest of the Sallam family. Minka Developments has been working on projects with about 300 million EGP, 250 million EGP for investments and more than 6 million EGP of other projects under processing.
The family business has existed in the Egyptian market for decades since 1939. The family also specializes in other business fields, such as agriculture, construction, food processing and fashion.

Minka real estate’s best partners

Minka Developments are always looking for the best outcome for their clients, and they are aware of the importance of customer experience. Being that cautious for details, they have some of the most outstanding partners in the Egyptian market as:

– NAWA pro.
– Insha’ construction.
– Ink design hub.
– Solarizegypt
– kind hospitality.

Minka development compounds specifications and best features

Minka real estate was recently working hard to deliver their last projects in the perfect way possible. Now They have two projects in Cairo, Kinda New Cairo, with a space of 27 acres with different unit types. Also, they are working on another project in Cairo called The Hoft New Cairo, with an area of 3400 square meters.

Kinda New Cairo project


Kinda compound  developed in New Cairo and is considered one of the most critical projects in the capital. The compound is located in the heart of the new capital, incredibly close to the Ring Road.
The compound has different units, such as apartments, standalone villas, and twin houses. These units’ space starts from 60 square meters, costing around 1.7 Million EGP. Also, minka development provides clients a very comfortable payment system without a downpayment and the price to be paid over 10 years.

The Hoft New Cairo

the hoft

This project presents the merge of luxurious compound life and modern style.

Minka real estate developed this project with complete services and entertainment. The compound takes a space of 3400 square meters. It has different types of units, such as studios, apartments, and commercial and administrative units. These units start from 16 square meters, making it very easy for young adults. Prices also start from 1.8 million EGP.

The company payment system for this compound is to pay a 5% down payment and the rest of the price over a range of 5 years.

Minka projects location

Minka development knows precisely how important and critical it is to be close to every needed destination. They developed both projects in vital places in the heart of the new Cairo city.

Kinda New Cairo is connected directly to the Ring Road, and you only need a few mins to reach the American university. You can reach Naser city within 5 mins and also 5 mins away from Cairo international airport.

The Hoft New Cairo location is also close to the Cairo international airport. You only need around 8 mins to go to Cairo and 5 mins to reach the city mall.

We can conclude that Minka development projects in Egypt proved their ability to empower and transform the market. They introduce modern styles and positively impact the overall real estate future. You can find whatever price and space you want, even if it is a small cozy studio.

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