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Marakez Developments is a groundbreaking real estate company in Egypt that is reshaping the industry with its innovative approach and visionary strategies. Held by Fawaz al Hokair’s group since 1981, with a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, Marakez company is revolutionizing the way people live, work, and play.

As a trusted developer, Marakez focuses on developing vibrant and sustainable communities that seamlessly blend residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Through meticulous planning and thoughtful design, Marakez brings together modern aesthetics and functional layouts. They are working hard on cutting-edge technology to present the best quality for their clients and owners.

Marakez developments last modern projects

Marakez Developments

Marakez Developments, held by Fawaz Al Hokair’s group, are specialized in not only real estate but also Fashion Brands. Marakez company is currently operating 80 international fashion brands in over 16 countries and a number of more than 2000 stores.

They have one of the most outstanding projects in Cairo, which is the Mall of Arabia, providing many services since 2010. Marakez company has greatly affected the Egyptian economy with a huge team of experienced candidates.

Marakez real estate current projects

– Starting with nice shore vibes on the North Coast, they are working on the Ramla Project with different types of units.
– Then comes the Aion project in West Cairo, presenting a new high-residential style building.
– For New Cairo, they are working on District 5 work and District 5 Residences.

Marakez developments project unites, space and price

Marakez has been working nonstop to upgrade its services and provide the best quality for its clients. They have successfully developed a range of different units` types and styles to fit their client’s needs, either in New Cairo, west Cairo, or the North Coast. Whether it is luxurious apartments or villas, Marakez ensures that each development reflects its core values of quality, comfort, and convenience.

Ramla project in The North Coast:


Ramla presents the selective, gorgeous beachside home that provides you with the best life filled with joy and beauty.

– Ramla is located near the shore of Ras el Hekma, one of the best destinations on the north coast.
– The project takes up a space of 1.4 kilometers along the beach.
– You can easily move from the compound to reach Almaza Bay in 20 mins, Caesar in 10 mins and Hacienda Red within 35 mins.
– The present units are chalets and villas.

District 5 New Cairo compound

District 5 New Cairo compound

In this project, Marakez has developed and worked on blending opposite styles as Urban and Suburban. District 5 is where you can find the beautiful merge of modern style and authentic vibes as well. The compound space is around 200 acres.

The project’s location speaks for itself, for how it is close to many important and vital regions as:

– The project is too close to 90th Street for almost 7 mins.
– You need only 8 minutes to go to the American university.
– 5 minutes away from Maadi and 20 minutes to reach Cairo international airport.

Units style, prices and payment

The project is developed with three residential styles, apartments, townhouses and villas.
The apartment space ranges between 150 square meters to 215 square meters. Whereas villas and townhouses space from 258 square meters to 600 square meters.

The price ranges according to the unit type:

– In District 5 the price starts at 13.266 EGP per meter.
– Apartments price ranges between 1.990.000 EGP up to 2.852.190 EGP.
– Then townhouses and villas price start from 3.422.628 EGP to 7.959.600 EGP.

Marakez developments present a payment method that you can start with 10% of the unit prices and the rest install over 7 years.

In conclusion, Marakez is a pioneering force in the real estate industry, reshaping the landscape with its unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and visionary design. Through iconic projects like Ramla, AEON Towers, and District 5, Marakez creates exceptional spaces that elevate lifestyles and redefine the future of real estate. They also work very hard to provide all their client’s needs, starting from unit type, space and every possible detail.

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