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Landmark sabbour in the real estate sector has introduced remarkable growth over the past decade. Working with numerous developers contributing to the country’s urban transformation. With a rich history and groundbreaking projects, LMD Company has emerged as a driving force behind some of Egypt’s most iconic developments.

One of the defining characteristics of Sabbour Development Company is its unwavering focus on creating exceptional communities that cater to its residents’ diverse needs and aspirations. Sabbour Development Company has left an indelible mark on Egypt’s urban fabric, from luxurious residential compounds to commercial centers and mixed-use developments.

landmark sabbour development history and owners

Landmark Sabbour was founded in 2007 by Eng. Ahmed Sabbour, the company quickly established itself as a leader in the real estate industry. Sabbour Development Company has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence, incorporating international standards, innovative design, and sustainable practices into its projects.

These projects have earned them an excellent reputation both in Egypt and abroad. LMD has a leading team with the chairman, Eng. Amr Sultan, Dr. Tamer Erfan, and Mr. Mohamed Abdelmonam. The company has a capital of 500 Million EGP and other projects in Dubai, Spain and Greece.

What are LMD’s recent projects and their best features?


Landmark real estate development has recently declared a number of the most outstanding projects in Egypt as:

– Stei8ht New Cairo.
– Aria New Cairo.
– Layan New Cairo.
– W Residences Cairo.
– Zoya North Coast.

The LMD company is not only working on the national level of business, and they launched a number of excellent projects internationally. Their compounds and real estate businesses are present in the Europe Union in addition to the United Arab of Emirates as:

– Continental Tower in UAE.
– Rukan in UAE.
– Muntaner 91 in barcelona.

Landmark Sabbour projects best features

The company team is dedicated to delivering all units and buildings on time with no delay. They are partners with the most prominent companies in construction, design and material supply. They work on providing their clients with the best modern styles to make their living atmosphere completely comfortable. They always take care of every possible detail, studying the client’s needs and market for the best production.

LMD different compounds units, price and payment system

Landmark real estate developments have always satisfied their clients with delivery time and unit quality. We can see their compounds and the efforts they are making to lead the real estate market in Egypt nationally and also internationally for:

Stei8ht compound in New Cairo

The compound is located in a very vital location in New Cairo. It is designed with modern style and unit types such as standalone villas, twin houses, and townhouses. The unit’s spaces range from 220 square meters to 576 square meters. And for the price ranges according to space and level of luxury, starting from 20 Million EGP for a Twin House and 24.5 Million EGP for villas. The payment method in the Stei8ht compound is a 5% down payment and another 5% after 3 months, then the rest over 8 years.

Zoya North coast

This compound is one of the most breathtaking compounds on the north coast. The exact location for the compound is kilo 142 Alexandria – Matrouh Road. It has two types of units which are chalets and townhouses. The chalet space starts at 120 meters with 5.1 Million EGP, whereas townhouses start at 260 meters with 15.5 Million EGP. The payment method for Zoya is 10 % down payment and the rest over 7 years.

To sum up, Landmark sabbour stands as a very influential and innovative developer in Egypt’s real estate market. With a rich history of delivering exceptional projects, the company has redefined the standards of quality, innovation, and sustainability. Their iconic projects as stei8ht, Zoya and Continental Tower have spoken for themselves. They provide you with whatever needs you look forward to in your daily life.

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