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Hyde park company is one of Egypt’s most successful leading real estate developers. With a very powerful management system, the owners delivered a number of remarkable and successful projects all over Egypt.

Starting from the north coast all the way up to the new Cairo, ain Sokhna and the fifth settlement. The iconic developments of the company made it able to compete easily with other class-A real estate developers.

Hyde Park Developments and the owners

Hyde Park company has been operating in Egypt since 2007, directed by the chairman Essam Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Hamed. The company is managed by exceptional senior engineers, board team members and leading Egyptian businessmen.

Hyde park has a huge group of investors such as Housing and development bank (HDB), Egyptian Arab Land Bank (EBA) and The Holding company for investment and development.

To provide the best quality, the company deals with the best local and global engineers and contractors, such as Hassan Allam, Redcon and Kharafi National.

The top projects developed by hyde park

Hyde Park New Cairo

Starting with the outstanding compound of Hyde Park New Cairo offers a unique opportunity to turn high-level dreams into reality. The compound is based on a space of 1200 acres, and units start from 99 square meters up to 677 square meters.

The compound has different units such as apartments, Duplexes, Twin houses, Townhouses, Villas, and also shops. The price in the New Cairo compound per meter starts from 11800 EGP and ranges according to the unit location and space.In addition, You can select your most suitable payment method by paying 10% down payment and the rest over 7 or up to 8 years.

Seashore North Coast

Then comes the breathtaking Seashore North Coast Hyde Park project for seeking a luxurious lifestyle with natural surroundings. The project has a large space of 240 acres and units starting from 177 square meters. There are also various unit types and styles, such as prime chalets, twin houses, townhouses and standalone villas.

Tawny Hyde Park 6th October

Now comes Tawny Hyde Park,vone of the most exceptional residential compounds located in the heart of 6 October City. The location makes the compound very special and distinctive among other compounds that you only need around 5 minutes to reach the Mall of Egypt.

The compound comes with a space of over 31 acres and also offers a range of different unit styles. The unit styles are four, standalone villas, twin house villas, townhouse villas, and quarter villas. Also, you can select a suitable space starting from 240 square meters up to 288 square meters. Besides, the price range is between 5.5 to 8,7 Million EGP.

The strategies behind hyde park developments

Hyde park development owners always take care of their work strategy; they care about every detail to come up with their superb projects.

The strategy starts with selecting excellent locations that serve their clients to make their daily life accessible anywhere.

At Hyde Park, they ensure they are always committed to their mission of delivering the best quality and value.

Hyde Park believes that its clients have the right to choose and live according to their needs, so they provide a wide range of unit types and spaces.

What are Hyde park unit types and price ranges?

One of hyde park properties is that they provide a wide range of units for their clients as:

– Independent apartments start from 99 square meters up to 233 square meters.
– Duplexes range between 234 square meters and 274 square meters.
– Independent villas also start at 248 square meters to 727 square meters.

The company supports its clients with a convenient installment system that fits their needs. The payments start with 5% down and the rest divided over 8 years, and also clients can start without a down payment and the cost to be shared over 9 years.

In Conclusion, Hyde park company is one of Egypt’s leading real estate developers. Hyde park developments owner and Broad directors always make their clients’ needs a priority, taking care of every detail throughout their working journey. You can find whatever you are looking for with Hyde Park.

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