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El Masria Group Development is one of the most respected and admired real estate development companies in Egypt with a rich history spanning over three decades, the company has emerged as a prominent player in the Egyptian real estate sector. This blog delves into the captivating story of El Masria Group Development, highlighting their remarkable features, noteworthy projects, and unwavering Covenant to excellence.

History and ambitions

El Masria Group is an Egyptian powerhouse that has been at the forefront of the real estate industry for more than 35 years. Throughout its illustrious journey, the company has established itself as a leading entity in Egypt, boasting an extensive portfolio of successful projects. With a keen eye for Proliferation opportunities.

El Masria Group is now poised to expand its investments in the emerging Egyptian smart cities, including the much-anticipated “Tourist Capital of Egypt.” One of their flagship designs, ISOLA, features a range of residential, commercial, administrative, and clinic units, all meticulously designed and ready to move in. Furthermore, the company possesses a vast land portfolio in prime locations such as Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed, and North Coast, setting the stage for future groundbreaking endeavors.

Commitment to excellence

From its inception, El Masria Group Development has been driven by a Resolute
strategy is to overcome challenges and achieve the highest levels of excellence through continuous planning and development. At the core of its mission lies the desire to provide customers with a distinctive and unconventional lifestyle, whether for housing or real estate investment. El Masria Group Development understands the aspirations of its clients and strives to fulfill them by crafting spaces that are truly exceptional.


El Masria Group is rooted in its aspiration to become the premier company in the realm of real estate development. By establishing groundbreaking Simulation and raising the standards of investment in the industry, the company aims to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of Egypt. Notably, their vision aligns seamlessly with the country’s current plan, particularly the focus on sustainable Advancement. Masria group stands at the forefront of this movement, embracing the principles of sustainable Expansion and infusing them into its Schemes


El Masria Group is known for its high-quality projects that are designed to meet the needs of its customers. The company’s projects are typically located in prime locations and feature modern amenities. El Masria Group also offers a wide range of financing options to make its properties more accessible to buyers.

Noteworthy Projects

El Masria Group has developed a number of successful projects throughout Egypt. Some of the company’s most notable projects include:

Isola Sheraton

This project is located in Sheraton Heliopolis, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Cairo. Isola Sheraton features a mix of residential, commercial, and administrative units with 10% Down Payment over 6 years equal installment.

Isola October

This project is located in new Egyptian smart city of The Tourist Capital of Egypt. Isola October distinctive a mix of residential, commercial, medical and administrative units with 20% Down Payment over 6 years equal installment.

Baet El Masria

The Beat El Masria project is located in a strategic location in October City, overlooking the pyramids and close to many important places, such as Media Production City, Dream Land, Carrefour, Zewail University, Al-Kounia Village, and the Club Area. The project provides full range of services for its residents, including commercial and administrative.

Badr El Masria

This project is located in Badr city. Badr El Masria is a mixed-use project that include residential, commercial, and administrative units.

Future Plans

El Masria Group has ambitious plans for the future. The company plans to continue to expand its operations in Egypt and to develop projects in new markets. El Masria Group is also committed to developing sustainable and environmentally friendly projects.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of El Masria Group is responsible for the overall management of the company. The board is composed of experienced and qualified individuals who have a proven track record in the real estate industry.

The current chairman of the board is Wathek Elzeneny. He is a seasoned businessman with over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. He has held senior positions at several leading real estate companies in Egypt.

The other members of the board are:

Mohamed Abdel Aziz – Vice Chairman
Mostafa Mamdouh – Managing Director

The Board of Directors of El Masria Group is committed to the long-term success of the company. The board is confident that the company has the resources and the team in place to achieve its goals.

el Masria Group Development stands as a shining example of excellence in the Egyptian real estate industry. With their rich history, Tenacious Obligation to quality, and visionary approach to Enlargement, they have carved a niche for themselves. As the company forges ahead, their dedication to creating distinctive and exceptional spaces will undoubtedly continue to shape the landscape of Egypt’s real estate industry. El Masria Group company is not just a developer; they are architects of dreams and catalysts of progress

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