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The narrative of AlQamzi Developments traces back to 1997 when Abdullah Al Qamzi founded the company, establishing a robust presence in the UAE. From its inception, the company has relentlessly pursued market leadership and elevated standards by delivering unparalleled quality through its diverse portfolio of projects.

In a strategic move in 2010, AlQamzi Developments expanded its horizons to Egypt through an Egyptian-Emirati partnership. The initial foray into development involved creating an elegant residential community, marking the company’s commitment to enhancing the real estate market with creative and distinguished projects.

At the core of AlQamzi Developments’ vision is the aspiration to build a real estate market that not only provides sustainable benefits to residents but also yields perpetual privileges to savvy investors. This ethos has propelled the company to the forefront, earning it a distinguished status among the best real estate companies in Egypt.

One of AlQamzi Developments’ standout ventures is the SeaZen North Coast project, situated at kilometer 171 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. Encompassing 204 acres, this development boasts innovative designs that seamlessly blend with the surrounding nature, ensuring that 90% of villas and chalets offer captivating sea views.

AlQamzi Developments’ meticulous planning is evident in the Eastshire New Cairo Compound, strategically located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. This 26-acre integrated residential community prioritizes natural landscapes and green areas, presenting a serene and comfortable living environment.

AlQamzi Developments’ commitment to excellence extends to strategic collaborations. Partnering with Okoplan and engineer Raef Fahmy, the company incorporates the finest and latest designs into its projects. Collaborations with leading management companies further enhance the comprehensive services provided to investors, solidifying AlQamzi Developments’ reputation for delivering excellence in the real estate sector.

In conclusion, AlQamzi Developments stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the real estate landscape. With a rich history, a visionary approach, and a commitment to excellence, the company continues to shape the future of real estate in Egypt and beyond.

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