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In the ever-evolving world of real estate, a powerful alliance has emerged to make a significant mark on the industry. The collaboration of two industry giants, Akam and AlRajhi, has given birth to Akam AlRajhi Developments, a force dedicated to redefining the real estate market and creating communities that inspire. This dynamic merger fuses Akam’s extensive experience and innovative solutions with AlRajhi’s long-standing reputation for trust. The result is a new name in real estate, one that promises enhanced homesteading and empowers individuals to live a better life. Join the family and experience the change that Akam AlRajhi Developments brings to the real estate landscape.

Philosophy: Vision, Innovation, Details

Akam Al Rajhi

At the heart of Akam AlRajhi Developments lies a clear and compelling philosophy: Vision, Innovation, and Details. This philosophy serves as the foundation upon which the company builds its vision of a better tomorrow. With an unwavering focus on innovation and creativity, Akam AlRajhi Developments aspires to create communities that go beyond the ordinary. The company firmly believes that every detail matters and this commitment to excellence ensures an unparalleled life experience for those who choose to embark on their journey with them.

A Glimpse into the Board of Visionaries

Akam AlRajhi Developments results from a unique and diverse group of leaders who have come together to shape a brighter future in real estate. Let’s meet the key figures who are steering the company towards success:

  • Mr. Essam Mansour, Chairman
  • Mr. Edrees Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Abdulwahab Bin Saleh Al Rajhi, Board Member
  • Mr. Hisham Kandil, Board Member
  • Mr. Saad Al Ghaithi, Board Member

A Legacy of Trust and Innovation

The company’s philosophy of Vision, Innovation, and Details ensures that every project they undertake is designed for tomorrow. They look towards a promising future where innovation and creativity reign and every detail is carefully considered. This approach guarantees an incomparable life experience at every step of the journey with Akam AlRajhi Developments.

Notable Projects

While Akam AlRajhi Developments is still relatively young, its commitment to innovation and excellence is already reflected in the projects it has undertaken. One such project is “Aroma,” located in Sokhna. This development is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing top-quality living spaces that cater to the needs and desires of modern homeowners.

Dose North Coast

The dose North Coast by Akam Al Rajhi is the latest project by this renowned developer, set along the breathtaking Mediterranean shoreline. It offers a fresh and exclusive perspective on the summer season, providing an opulent and serene ambiance. Situated at the core of the New Sahel in Kilo 174, North Coast, Egypt, the Dose North Coast Resort boasts a prime location. Spanning across 125 expansive acres with an impressive 1,000 km depth and featuring a generous 450 sqm beach, this resort promises a remarkable coastal experience like no other.

With the wealth of experience and innovative solutions at its disposal, Akam AlRajhi Developments is poised to bring a fresh and exciting approach to real estate. The company’s focus on detail, combined with the creative vision of its leaders, ensures that every project they undertake is designed to create a lasting impact and inspire communities.

A New Beginning with Akam AlRajhi Developments

In the world of real estate, Akam AlRajhi Developments is an emerging force that combines innovation, trust, and a deep commitment to enhancing human lives. With a team of visionary leaders who bring their unique expertise to the table, this company is poised to reshape the real estate landscape. Their philosophy of Vision, Innovation, and Details serves as a guiding light, ensuring that every project is designed for a better tomorrow. If you’re seeking a place to call home that goes beyond the ordinary, join the family and experience the change with Akam AlRajhi Developments. It’s a journey towards an enhanced and inspired way of living.

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